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  1. There is bikembulance (not sure about the spelling). Can contact them at 64255333. Another person at 93831261. Dont remember the guys name. Dont know if he serves 24 hrs but called him once at 1 30 am and he came. Price depends on distance and time of day. I paid 40 dollars from pasir panjang to choa chu kang at night.
  2. Suzuki GSR 400 1. swoosh (matt black) 2. ahgui (matt black) 3. kaozie (matt black) 4. boy boy (matt black) 5. kim84 (matt black) 6. gal_sg^rider (blue) 7. e_j (matt black) 8. Mr Atlantic (matt black w/ h&b panniers) 9. jonathan (matt black) 10. acesiew( matt black) 11. sikonesis (matt black) 12. astyle (matt black) 13. arzme (matt black) 14. khuboy (red) 15. lao_yang (matt black) 16. The Only -wAn- (matt black) 17. Leongms (Red w box) 18. s**ersonic (blue) 19. jasonieee (matt black) 20. skateboy (red with box) 21. levin (matt black) 22.Yongcheng(red) 23. Royston15 (White) 24. EdwardLim (matt black) 25. realdean (red) 26. vendeta (matt black) 27. Sotongball (White) 28. Warrior83 ( Blue ) Suzuki GSR 600 1. sia117 (grey) 2. puffer (matt black) 3. wildcard (matt black) 4. dzal (red) 5. Misbs7 (matt black) 6. Simon (matt black w/ h&b panniers) 7. GSR600( Blu) 8. GiSSeR_66 (matt black) Suzuki SVs (400, 600 etc) 1. 2. 3. Suzuki Bandits (400, 650, 1200 etc) 1. Frank y (GSX400 Impulse and GSX1200 Inazuma) 2. Sky77 (GS400) 3. Honda CB (400, 1000, 1300 etc) 1. allthelees (SpecII) 2. cool_bikers 3. ghost04(spec2) 4. jeevabware(Spec3) 5. bernardk (CB1K) 6. taitai (CB13) Honda X11 1. philiplolc 2. vicious 3. shithead8883 4. Roger_X11 5. xlover 6. blackx 7. Honda Hornet (250, 600, 900 etc) 1.ericgoh79-H250 2.YNT-H6 3. Honda CGs 1. KeMoZ 2. 3. Honda CBFs (600 and 1000 etc) 1. 2. 3. Yamaha Fazers (600 and 1000) 1. CKC - FZ6N - Silver 2. rAjOaNa - FZS1000 - Blue 3. Cowboy - FZ1-S - Red 4.gurumachaz - FZ1-S - red 5. Veil525 - FZ1N - Black 6. 7. 90. Lollypop - FZ6S - Black Yamaha XJR 400 1. xjrredbull(blue & beautiful) 2. yamamotomaniac (black) 3. Yamaha YBRs 1. yan_d1no (red) 2. 3. 4. Yamaha RXZs 1. Ajimey 2. enolz 3. Dinzmetal 4. cool_bikers 5. Warlord1919 Yamaha RXK 1.KeMoZ 2. 3. Yamaha MTs (the 01s and the 03s) 1. 2. 3. Aprilia Tuonos (125 n 1000 etc) 1. 2. 3. BMW (K1200R-S, R850R, R1150R etc) 1. 2. 3. Cagivas (Raptors, Mitos etc) 1. 2. 3. Ducatis (Monsters, Multistradas, Sport1000, Pual Smarts etc) 1. MonsterWiLL - Monster 400 2. tabako - Monster 900 - Orange - 1998 3. Hyosungs (Comets, GT250s and GT650s etc) 1. Hleb09-GT 125 Naked-Black 2. chawanmushi- GT 125 Naked- yellow 3. Kawasakis ERs 1. 2. 3. Kawasaki W650s 1. 2. 3. Kawasaki Z series (Z750s and Z1000s etc) 1.domchj46 Z1000 / orange 2. 3. Kawasaki ZRXs 1. 2. 3. KTMs (Dukes, 950s s**ermoto etc) 1. 2. 3. Moto Guzzis (Grisos, Breva, V10 Centaunos etc) 1. brembo - Breva 1100 2. 3. MV Agusta 1. VinceKam (F4 750 Red/Silver) 2. Sidadam (Brutale 1078 Black/Silver) 3. Royal Enfields (Bullets etc) 1. 2. 3.
  3. Nobody checked my chassis number during my inspections but if it cannot be seen on the bike, there may be problems regarding insurance if anything happens in the future. So Mah will give a lot of problems about this. The owner manual should say where the chassis number is. You can go check yourself and make sure. Just my 2 cents worth...
  4. 1) Where do you guys get pulled over? I got pulled over at clementi and it wasnt even a road block. Was just waiting at a traffic light. Have been stopped many times in clarke quay for the usual drink driving road blocks but they never fined me for my pipes (I go riding around there at night but i dont drink). 2) What is the penalty for my pipe? I got fined 500 dollars. But it can be more depending on the TP I guess. 3) Any chance tp will give chance and let it slide? Definitely but have to be really lucky. Happened to a friend once but I have no such luck. 4) Any chance it is quite enough to be legal? I dont know about that. But if it is loud enough to like, it probably isnt legal. And I have never seen a road block around NUS, Buona Vista etc so I dont think you will be stopped. Pulled over got chances but have to be really unlucky.
  5. Haha. A lot of people think so. I have been fined once on mine and I changed the pipe to V&H less than a year back. But I think overall i was just unlucky. Rarely heard of TP stop Harleys. So i guess the best way to not get caught for your pipes is to buy a harley.
  6. 1. Do you own a helmet?Yes if yes, what’s the brand? ARAI,SHOEI,CABERG. 2.How many helmets do you own? 4 3.How often do you change a helmet? The time-line of changing a helmet. Plan to change once a year but somehow one of mine always gets stolen then have to go and buy a new one. 4. In what situation you will change your helmet? Stolen/ when I feel it is too old 5.How many years of riding experience do you have? nearly 8 years 6.What are the problem faced when wearing a helmet? No big problems. Gets hot sometimes when stuck in traffic lights during the day(I use full face helmets) 7.What’s the worst weather condition when wearing a helmet? Rain 8.Have you tried riding in a rain? Have to. 9.Please state the problem you have with when riding in a rain. Light drizzle is irritating. Water droplets on visor, have to keep wiping regularly. Very frustrating 10.Have you get into any form of road accident when riding or sitting on a bike? Yes but not too many. 11.If yes, what type of injuries? A few sprains, ligament tears, stitches etc but nothing serious like broken bones (touch wood). 12.What happens to your helmet during or after the accident?And is it PSB approve helmets you are wearing? So far it just stayed on. Badly scratched and needed to be changed but nothing much else. 13.Will you wear a helmet that’s not PSB approved? if yes. Why? I just buy ones I like. But prefer to buy PSB approved. 14. Do you feel that road pollution is a issue to you when riding? Dry Sand from construction trucks make the road very slippery. Riding behind them is like getting hit by machine gun fire. 15. How do you feel towards rider having to put a scarf or mask on their face when riding? I guess it protects from air pollution but I dont like wearing them. 16. What's the one thing that you want to change for a helmet? Good ventilation I guess. (Would be helpful to find someway to prevent them from being stolen when left on the bike) 17. Any other comments? None
  7. Well said. I dont own a car so I ride everyday. Its still hard to justify. Esp the multiple insurance policies.
  8. Depends on which sportster you are talking about. The 1200 or the 883. As for the 883, a new one is a little less than 20K if I am not wrong. I think you can get a 5 year old 883 for a little cheaper.
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