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  1. Nice bike... was eyeing it the past few weeks. You will probably need to get your own cafe parts online. For servicing and tuning, most shops should be able to do it. Really depends on where you like to frequent. For simply jobs, you should DIY as that is part of learning and enjoying the bike. Some owners tune their own carbs too.
  2. I know someone selling a Bullet 500. If interested can PM me. I'll pass you the contact. Met him when I was selling my bike.
  3. Too bad can't join you guys. If you meet nearby like Seah Im, I can join with my flying pigeon.
  4. IMO, I don't really think there is a 'best' place because most shops can't survive to 'specialise' in classic or custom bikes. Having said that, there are probably many skilled and experienced mechanics who will have no problems fixing or giving tips on these old bikes, cos these old machines are relatively basic compared to the superbikes nowadays. These old bikes are probably their 'primary school' homework. The biggest challenge I believe is having a mechanic who is 'cool' enough to spend time waiting or sourcing for the parts with you and working with you on custom parts that are no
  5. There's a W400 just posted at sgbikemart, belongs to anyone here?
  6. Yo 736cc, just dropping in to say hi! You can change your nic to 544cc soon? Still looking for working carbs for my 350F.
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