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  1. can i have your contact ? i need the d2 mirrors

  2. bro how much for CBR1000RR 08' plain abs fairing and plain race fairing??


    you sell got sell only the left side fairing for those race fairing?

  3. bro, do you sell right side fairing only for k5 600. and also the full set how much

  4. hey hi ur design 1 koso mirror can fit on sp right. will it vibrate too much like those chiong mirror?, how will u grade it compared to stock mirror?. pm me if possible thx

  5. bro , u got any mirror for CBR 150 ? somewhat like koso would be nice , any suggestion ?


    thanks ! (:

  6. Hi yctrading, I have a CBR400 Firefox (1996), and would like to change the the fairing to CBR600 F4, is this possible? If yes, how mos are you selling it for?

  7. i too have 5 series for rental S$400 only. chauffeur and petrol inclusive!
  8. i can provide you the rain Coat for the project

  9. Im using a phantom . any ideas to make it look nice ? The LED , how much for it with installation ?

  10. u have HID for r109? instock? cost?

  11. Hi there,do u have a full list of items/accessories for Spec 1 that you carry...

  12. did u bring in the aftermarket fairing

  13. hi,i looking for a headlight switch for cb400 super 4,how much does it cost including installation?thanks

  14. removed it. move to mass order to get better exposure. Being advertiser is kinda pointless

  15. what happened to YCT thread in SBF?

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