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  1. Like that also can.. Very good...
  2. A BIG BIG thank you for the guys whom bought the SJCAM-SJ4000 from me so far! Hope you are enjoying your new toys and do let me know should you encounter any problems! What I have on hand now is the non-Wifi versions. Basically, the wifi is an addition to viewing live, record and data transfer via wifi from camera to phone using the mobile Apps.
  3. Recording Time: 70-100 minutes continuously Standard Set comes with the waterproof casing, mountings, joints, brackets, etc. Cheers!
  4. Hi Guys!! I have a batch of ready stock of brand new SJCAM SJ4000 Action Cameras. All stocks to clear! All colours available! Loaded with latest software and comes with 7 days 1-1 exchange against manufacturing defects and 1 year Warranty against repairs from local company. Price: S$120.00 Please SMS your preferred colour to 9678 8880 Cheers!!!
  5. i'm no expert rider, but just giving my 2 cents worth of experience.. i'm both a frequent rider and driver for many years, both safety and dangerous kind... had my fair shares or accidents and near misses.. like wat u've said urself and many others..riding is a very dangerous transport.. regardless if you are a slow, fast, safety or dangerous kind.. riders, basically are flesh wrapping the metal..always at the losing end.. also, we are very dependant on weather, road and situation conditions... riders can keep a look out for hazards, BUT, how sure are you that hazards will not come looking for u? the only way to ensure safe riding (besides not riding), is; 1. proper riding attire 2. routine maintenance of your bike 3. correct/safe attitude 4. defensive riding 5. good level of situation awareness 6. experience 7. luck will be lengthy if i am to go into details...but i'm sure many riders here will have, 1 way or another come across wat i had mentioned here... actually..on a selfish note...i banned my wife from learning to ride..had a couple of ex-gfs riding..and as a bf..i always feel bad/upset/sad when my gfs gets into accidents...the feeling ain't too good.. nevertheless..the choice is your's! Ride Safe..Stay Safe..Think Safe!
  6. beary

    Honda NC700X

    mai simi potential la... quickly go place ur order! btw..anyone fancy fuel and kopi run tomorrow nite?
  7. beary

    Honda NC700X

    nice! i'm also thinking of doing a similar trip..but not too sure about 10 days... may not have enough leave...
  8. beary

    Honda NC700X

    I'm using the Hella Micro DE...very good piece of fog lamps. Really lights up the night roads on my trips up north...enhanced visibility on the roads at least twice... when mounted at the correct height (low), able to pick out some uneveness on the roads.. So far..1 of the best installation I have on the bike...and yes..it really looks good one the bike! whyzee bro..can I trouble you to design a pixalated white/grey/black camo for my Crossrunner? time to change my design...gonna do a sticker wrap on the red body and my top pannier (xPlorer).. probably will ask JuzzWheel to do the stickers...
  9. beary

    Honda NC700X

    can can....jump! quick! time to change my bike design....hurr hurr hurr!!!
  10. the only few enjoyments lehz.....
  11. ya..still eagerly waiting for my remus...
  12. i had tried calling to order...but the service attitude..err... anyway, from what i know so far...only LeoVinc is approved for CR now... I order Remus 2 months ago....till now, stock not here yet..and not approved by LTA as well...sianz... CR too rare in SG..hence, not many shops wanna bring the exhausts in and get LTA approval...
  13. bro..i know one of the grey camo belongs to angelus_conceicao...he has a set of hepco junior side panniers..30L... i saw another grey camo..seems like an uncle riding..i smile at him, but he just gives me an "angry" look.. -_-" and on Sun..saw another CR who "beeped" at me...lolx!!!
  14. I have not problem with pick-up, afterall, how bad can it be with V4 and Vtec? Overtaking at 80km/h and above, got very decent overtaking power...no need for dropping gear, unless u r the very agressive rider type, den, sure, dropping gear will give u more response... in fact, we hit almost 200km/h...but the wind turbulance was getting strong, and safety reason, i didn't go beyond... CR is a fun touring bike with very slight off-road capabilities...good pick-up power, smooth handling... Cheers! if you are looking for speed, this is not the bike...
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