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  1. Hi bro,

    Was wondering besides cleaning the bike,do u include cleaning of the chain as well.if yes, how much would the total cost be?wash+wax+chain clean?

  2. Hi can pm me yr price and package and location?txs

  3. 703d

    Hi .... can you tell me how much will it cost for a general cleaning also restore the shine on bike/chrome parts.

    My paint work is new but need clean/shine up the rest of the bike parts.


  4. Hi Hi,


    I am glad there is a Bike Cleaning service available in Singapore.

    After some good feedback here, i am keen to try out your cleaning service.

    Pls PM your prices n service packages.

    Many Thanks :)

  5. D'GAPZ has been in business for a year now, to show our appreciation to those out there that have been supporting us, below is some of our attractive promotions we shall offer to all... D'GAPZ Membership D'GAPZ Individual card Fee- $50.00 20% off for those who apply from 5th oct-31st oct 2009 D'GAPZ Budget card Fee- $20.00 15% off for those who apply from 5th oct-31st oct 2009 Promotions at Shun Li grooming centre: Detailed Washing Rate-$10.00 Those who service their bike at Republic Motor will get 10% off on detailed washing. 5% off for walk in customer. Autoglym Pack
  6. Hi Bull, just wanna share some info: Advance booking for the fasting mth period is now open. To avoid rush and disappointment, pls book early. 1st come 1st serve basis applies. Dated from 17/8/09-18/9/09. Pls call or msg rudy for booking( name n bike no) tks. Btw i've reserves the membership application for ur group. We can discuss this further when we meet up. 17/7/09 - open booking 18/8/09-open booking 19/8/09-open booking 20/8/09-open booking 21/8/09-open booking 22/8/09-open booking 23/8/09-closed 24/8/09-open booking 25/8/09-open booking 26/8/09-open booking 27/8/09-ope
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