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  1. Hi Kitty, I din question or doubt wat u sae. I am in fcat hoping that wat u sae is true. If wat u sae is true, i will still have 6pts. Regards, James
  2. Thanks for all the concern. But then the problem is that the Eddies site onli reflect how mahy pts we have accumulated but not on how many pts we CAN accumulated.
  3. Hi Kitty, I know that u are in the force rite? Does wat u sae is the true? I still have 6pts left after the 12pts deducted todae? I went to TP at UBI twice todae but no one seem to be able to answer my question. I am seriously in doubt and cant concentrate on anything. My Lic and car is my everything. No Car no Lic = No JOB. Regards, james
  4. I have this question. Wondering can someone help/ans my question. I tried calling the Traffic Police but hanging on for abt 5mins and the line get enaged. (Good? services from our Traffic Police?) The question goes like this. Mr A got his Class 3 driving lic on 29th May 2006 Mr A got 6 demerit pts on 27/3/2007 (Bear in mind still P plater) Mr A got another 12 demerit pts on 11/2/2008. Will Mr A be revoke? Or Mr A still have 6pts left? (12-6+12-12=6) Full story goes like this. Mr A was driving toward Ubi. Upon reach the traffic lite (He stopped) due to red
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