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  1. nothing much...yesterday some MTFKR stole my battery at my house car park...

    tat feller better die using my battery...no $$ for battery then don ride!

    to the farker : U R Being Marked n Cursed. watch out.


    Huh.. Did i see wrongly, buddy...

    Battery also can get stolen.. Battery is under your seat, and able to remove battery and remove wiring must be a quite something chap..

    Buddy, sorry to hear that...


    Damn it..

  2. wen next second link meet up??


    The last outing at Marina Sq, you asked me whether is it fri or sat, but none of this day you turned up...

    that unbecoming of a CBR Blader leh... hahaa... so this one you shall plan.... boleh...

  3. CBR 1000 RR - Team Woopa Gathering Session

    Date: 22nd August 2009 - Saturday

    Time: 2200 Hrs

    Venue: Marina Square 7-11 Store



    1. Jonest

    2. Holla

    3. Yongster

    4. LonelyKid






    Bladers, help to spread words around as got names no contact, we hope to see more blade coming up...



  4. Hi All Bladers or Team Woopa Riders,

    Anybody planning to have an improteu meet up this Friday or Saturday Night...

    Besides the regular riders, we hope to see more of other CBR riders on board our meeting...


    Let's Cheers for CBR1000RR


    :cheer:MotoGP Race Results :cheer:



    1st. Valentino ROSSI ITA Fiat Yamaha Team

    2nd. Dani PEDROSA SPA Repsol Honda Team

    3rd. Toni ELIAS SPA San Carlo Honda Gresini


    Sui sui ah... Valentino always... 46 the champion...

    1st time an unusual rider claim 3rd podium position...

  6. Honda CBR 1000 RR Meet up Session Organised by Jonest


    Date: 24/07/2009 - Friday

    Location: Marina Square Outside 7-11

    Time: 9.45pm



    Going List:


    1) Jonest

    2) Holla

    3) mx catfish

    4) leinadace

    5) Yongster


    Dear Bladers,

    Thank you for those who successfully turned up at the gathering session last night.

    Attached are some of the photos...


    'Thank You' buddies for your 1 dollar contribution... will remember???




  7. just curious. u also tp ah?


    No way am i a TP, i am wearing another type of uniforms, abit better than TP.

    Last time TP used to patrol around the road, nwadays TP hide behind the bushes or climb on top of bridge and watch motorists sped away with their machines and surprises them by sending love letters... cut costs or save petrol for police force.

  8. cannot be argue with him then he give u points wat.... the 6 points must be for traffic offence......


    Yah.. That 6 points is cut across 3 lanes in orchard area.in front of takashimaya.TP came out from lucky plaza... chased me and stopped me before the entrance of CTE.

    He shouted at me and i yelled back at him too, showing me that Fxxx face kind of me...

    That time was doing duty out of office, no choice got to rush so suay suay he down there... 4-D never lucky before, but this kind of thing very lucky...


    if my bike no number plate, i dun thk i gonna stopped..

    btw that time i am riding RVF400, King of 400CC.. to me ah

  9. oh yah... yr position very dangerous bro.... take care on the road.......


    That why i missing for quite sometimes...


    one of the 6 points deducted is argue with TP, i wearing uniforms and he wearing uniforms too...

    My rank more than him but he still Big Fxxx than me , i cant do anything.

    i still remember his name and sometimes does saw him on the road..

    Chinese killing Chinese...

  10. CBR Photo Shoot 2009

    Date: National day - 08 August 2009 (Subject to be cancel or change if respond is not good.)

    Venus: Turf City or KKFC (TBC)

    Time: TBC

    Submit your name/ nick now!!! We will see how good is the respond. Closing date will be End July.


    1) DenverDino

    2) Jonest





    Faster join in the fun...and let this happen.



    Bro, sorry changed the date coz think some ppl might not make it, hope you dun mind...

  11. oh ok... anyway, i already sent u the sms.... received?? and TP not my greatest nitemare.... ROV is..... TP is just an accessory to their acts...... :dot:



    i am just the opposite of you..

    my greatest nightmare now is TP, ROV is okay..

    Coz i am left with 3/24 points...

  12. Jonest oso MIA liao...dont know how is he now?


    Bro Dino,

    i am not MIA la, i just been busy with my works, and i seldom log in in those days... so hw was the malaysia outing ...


    too bad i didn join, hope you guys realli got some fun there...

    we will meet out in the next outing ...


    so who is planning the next outing now. Any volunteers to take up

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