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  1. hey guys, i am selling my bone after 5 good years. Do check out my ad. https://sg.carousell.com/p/daelim-b-bone-125-179117491/
  2. it's so quiet here these days. so sad.
  3. LOL. i am mistaken. I thought it runs on diesel. its jointly designed by diesel.
  4. Zero to 60 MPH in 1.04 seconds, 45 feet. The KillaCycle - New World Motorcycle Speed Record http://www.hotrodhotlinebikes.com/builder/2007/07billdubekillacycle/assets/images/6Incredable_burn_out__.jpg A Quarter Mile.. Speed Attained: 168.49MPH http://www.hotrodhotlinebikes.com/builder/2007/07billdubekillacycle/assets/images/11_new_record__.jpg
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