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  1. want to know her facebook account just ask directly.

  2. Hello, who's going to SIM? I'm in this july 11 intake, my orientation and admin stuffs this saturday. Oh ya, please join us at the hg venue for kopi session. Free kopi O for newcomers.
  3. ***Included***

    Welcome to the CUBS Community

  4. wawa... student, 21yo on a ducati liao! I'm slow!

  5. thanks bro, just a reminder to myself & all who see it that we're all only human & can get hurt... so gear up & ride safe to enjoy riding again tomorrow :)

  6. shunoski

    Mr Dustbin

    Mr Dustbin stirred more controversy than all the pictures of our rides combined. hahaha!
  7. Nice siggy, good clear picture of ang moh bah gua

  8. days to 2B, 299 days? kantong ah?

  9. tai chi tua diao

  10. hello anyone home? :S

  11. heya! how're u?

  12. hey! just dropping by saying hi!

  13. hello dude, I almost bought your YBR, but the guy pass TP one week ahead of mine own TP. Anyway, i'm riding a Hayate now. haha, seeya man.

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