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  1. Hi fuoco rider here. Many years didn't come SBF forum.
  2. no time to ride that majesty thus selling it off

  3. hey bro text more for more info of the r1 trade thx .. 98893360

  4. hi. is your tank bra still up for sale? can you whatsapp me the pic at 91544583? thanks

  5. Hi bro u have 3 point crash bar for sale? How much can sms me at 81262640

  6. Hi, still sell u vtec 1? how much is it?

  7. same goes to me.. ppl offered me but i nv ask for desposit and now they MIA alrdy... one non local even suspect me why i invest so much money to rebuild and ask for receipt, scan and uploaded but MIA... sianz!

    since everything i do up nice nice, i still can continue ride for 8 more yrs without any problem and add more stuffs i want haha

    yrs also the same ba, no one keen, keep it first..

  8. walao, the guy just call me say, his father give him the S4 and no need to buy from me liao. so regret nvr take deposite. lol

  9. Oh. Congrat. Trading?

  10. hey bro, my bike sold liao, this coming tuesday go do transfer, i got a wave(FW plate) plus 6.5k. of course my S4 renew coe liao

  11. how much otr? how is the ABS? reliable? becus i heard yamaha ABS is lousier than honda combined ABS, is that true?
  12. very nice.. is there any combined ABS option?
  13. which type of tire is sticky during dry and wet surface but low wear rate? any recommendation? currently using pirelli, feel unsafe during cornering..
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