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  1. Just a suggestion, maybe after that say a about 9pm, we can take a short ride down to the dam.
  2. On lah on lah........... Date : 17th July 2011 (Sun) Time : 7pm onwards Place : KKFC Confirmed Attendees : 1. Minefield14 2. Ohayo 3. Steel 4. 5. 6.
  3. How about the 15th or 16th? Anytime, any place. woohoo..................
  4. I can't make it on the 10th.
  5. Count me in. I am in. Yes, I am ready!
  6. Anymore ZZR1400 riders who want the main stand? I am placing order from the agent in JB, recommended by bro candyass.
  7. Ya lor. When I met up with them, I know I am in for some poison treatment very soon. Anyway, learn my lesson hard with what I had spent previously on my ex busa. Won't want to fall into it again.
  8. We will post here again for next meetup. But I think ohayo is planning a meetup next Tuesday at LC though.
  9. Hey.........not fair lah.........it's only been a week since I got my ride. Give me some time leh. Hahahaha...........at least I have changed my wind shield.
  10. Yeah. Nice seeing all of you. I must say the poison level quite high. Hahaha..........
  11. Praying for good weather. Any of you guys will be a t scape today?
  12. 16th Jan, Sun, Meet up of Kawa 14 riders. ZZR n GTR. Those free pls pop by. Location Kallang KFC. Time 2000hrs. 1. Kumar 2. Steel 3. I like that. Those going to SBF anniversary can come over from there as well.
  13. Think we gather all the 14s for this round. After we have got to know each other better then meet others?
  14. Just bring all like minded bikers together lah. To much to be a spokesman. Been riding for 21years already and I can't see myself stopping. Seen too many 'come and go' bikers. Shall we fix the date either 29th Jan (1 week befire CNY) or 12th Feb (1 week after CNY)? Provided fine weather. Apart from touring where I have no choice, all my previous rides and now for Zest, I don't let them get under the rain.
  15. Any of you guys in UK Forum? Let's make a mark there as well if you guys are interested.
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