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  1. U too bro.. Wa tunggu ur return.. With a blackbird!! Hihihihihi..

  2. Hi bro, thanks for the purchase of the hugger... Cool deal..!! Enjoy and ride safe.!!!

  3. Halu bros ... Sorry i got to leave early yday ... really nice to know dat we have a bunch of BB and a few Suzukis riders from different background but yet gelling like glue all for the sake of brotherhood .. n 13 riders in all .. cooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll .... Good job Bro Sujak ! Nex ?? N just something to share with you guys ..... Bro aerosmith ... im talking about this one lah ... http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=earth+modes+sanskrit&aq=f
  4. BRO SUJAK ... WELCOME TO THE CLUB !!!!!!!! hihihihihihhihihi BRO JEBAT ... of course im expecting more free services .. hahahaahahahahahahahahah BRO JIMMY ... U Bringing vietnam rose ? ... bring extra lah .. then sure a lot want to come .. hihihihihihihi
  5. I wonder if names like Black Angel are descendants of Black Sondol, Flying Funeral, Black Maria ... and the list goes on lah ... im hepi with mine ... Blue Jellyfish .. hihihihihihhi
  6. Woooitttttt Bro Jimmy ... u quiet- quiet come back to singapore ahhh ... for good or another AWOL case ?? Yday had my cam tensioner fixed with the help of the wonderful hands of Bro Jebat ... and I have to say, Bro Jebat is a BB lover, rider and to-be BB full-time mechanic ... so any minor or major checks u want to do before going to workshop ... get some views from Bro Jebat ... with some small tokens or fee lah please ... hihihhihihihihihhihi ... Bro Jebat .. 20 persen .. hihihihi Bro Greysnail ... I AM WAITING FOR YOU !!..... hahahahahahahahahah ... cannot talk about M*** lah,,,, got
  8. wah .. i check back the thread .. everybody talking about 25 blink .. Just to share .. i got my 25 blinks after 2 or 3 months changing to bro CONFUSED Yoshi RS2 double slip on ... im not blaming your yoshi lah Bro COnfused ... i LOVE it ... hihihihhihi But after being advised by bro Greysnail and Sujak .. i take as a pimple in my face .. hoping it will go off soon .. but , i still need to move mah .. so I did and my BB still works fine Fuel at 250 then reserve blink on .. yes, there are jerks when FI light on, a bit 'slow' pick up compared to without FI ... BUT, i still ric Thai, M
  9. Bro rocksteady ... im still with my 2 long 5 short blinks .. still surviving ... but do update me for any repair i can try ... but buying ECU to settle this, a bit too expensive lah ... is dat what u want to do ? Anyway .. halu all BB bros ... i long time never come .. still hot .... just got the BB t-shirt from Raman .. coooooollllllll design sia ... he is planning to do a second order for polo once his tees are sold out ... anyone interested , contact him
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