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  1. Hi I read your post for a camera flash to be mounted at the back of the bike. I find it a great idea! Have you installed in on your bike? Where and how much did u do it for? Thx

  2. 3 Classes, 2 Wheels, 1 Passion


    The Vision

    To be the sole financial service provider for the biker's community in Singapore.


    The Mission

    To create awareness & impart knowledge in various financial aspects close to our heart.


    To render assistance & services via a professional and legal approach in a non-provocative way.




    Signing in is required, do support!

  3. hi, I have a design which I wish to be printed as a decal to paste on my bike, can I know where your shop is and more info?

  4. Hi i just got my license yesterday and I bought a CBF 150, hope to be able to join the clan once I get my bike this coming tues, hope to get more knowledge on the bike from you guys! Thanks

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