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  1. HAhahahah Wont larr we small group i celebrat bday got wrong meh ?
  2. Guys Guys Guys !! This Sat. Dinner At Turf City ? Lets have steamboat alright ? You Guys Free mahh ? this Event As a Advance Bday Celebrationg For me =) Do Let Post Here If you are tagging alone with ur contact number Tyvm... 1:Xy 2: 3: 4:
  3. Marcus Set another Meeting is time to meet up aready !! LIM KOPI !!
  4. Joel pass me ur fb !! lol !
  5. Search Me Up at Fb =) Yang Pokeyourdface =X
  6. Thanks Guys... Nice knowing you ! Cheers Meet up soon.. Gotta Work Later so gonna miss out the meet up in the afternoon maybe at night for supper then Cheers !
  7. To the Mito Rider whom i saw at clemeti Pls report in with ur hp no. Thanks Am the R6 rider who talk to u ~
  8. comon get ur ASS OUT AREADY !!
  9. Tonight no one coming out ?
  10. Greeting to all R6 riders here.. =) Reporting in =S
  11. hahahhah.... !!!! bay u decide bahhh ....
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