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  1. bud

    alright.thanks bro!

  2. 39901

    Ya sure... The one seater i've got it from Malaysia Ah boy. U can buy at the price of about 400++ RM along with paintwork and LED lights. All in one.

  3. bud

    hi bro, considering that im buying a kr, can i know where can i get a 1 seater sharp tail like yours?

  4. Hahaha... Stressful or headache also the same for him la. Sama kan... Kepala sakit... Wa... This really sounds sceptical man. OMG... *Chris... sekali this asha turns out to be a shemale. Wa song liao la... Hahahahahahaha.. P.s: Oh asha.. No offence ah. Im jus trying to scare inuki. Cos he too horny liao... LoL...
  5. Friend... Jus a lil piece of advice, try to stay humble and keep things to urself. Find the correct place and appropriate time to share ur secrets and nobility to everyone of us when time is right. Ur recognitions are being shared when ppl comment about ur bike, not u commenting about urself. Apparently ur phrases and post sounded challenging. So ppl tend to get the wrong idea. Here, in fact there r a few bikes that r really fast. KIT, KHAI MARVELous, RAINKR, MYHEARTCORE and to our surprise, ''SIONBAZARD''. Given a chance, will u oblige to challenge all and make everyone ur enemy? I doubt so r
  6. Bro... Thot nash823 has alr replied u? U ask alr then ask valerie again so openly it just dun seem right man. I think nash won't feel good. Anyway if u wanna mod, as in use chamber, den dun afraid to damage ur engine. Cos racing parts has short lifespans and of course it will stress out the engine more. Chamber=high rev=fast=stress=wear and tear. Hope i conveyed the message thou. No offence ya!!
  7. SBF KRR Pilots Official Name List No. Nickname / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 1. Valarie / Hassan Nadiah / Yishun-Telok Blangah / **HP Number** / [email protected] 2. adesmond2 / Desmond / East / PM me / -NIL- 3. atrophy/ Gerard / East / nil / [email protected] 4. RainKR / Rain / Bedok Reservoir / Pm Me / [email protected] 5. sUeTz / suetz / sengkang / PM / [email protected] 6. fireshamie / shamie / West / --private-- / --private-- 7. Nexonn / Benjamin / East / -- Private- / [email protected] 8. RwaN / Ridhwan / Sembawang / --ask me
  8. Hey benny... Im andy. I kinda recall that u might wanna sell of ur SP? I've gotta fren who's quite interested in buying SP. Maybe u wanna meet up or something?? Get back to me soon man. Thks..

  9. I'm keen in your paintwork. Have u thought of selling or trading?

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