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  1. am selling the panniers for $600 (nego). rack usually cost about $500 -$800. if buy outside ard $1500 everyting.

  2. yes bro...got it thanks. how much? btw, how much does the rack usually cost? mine currently is a SW Motech.

  3. thanks.bro...i got it

  4. Hi bro, I didn't receive any pics. Maybe u cn watsapp me. 90040197. Tq

  5. hi bro,

    pm sent.

  6. Bro cn email me pics of ur hb panniers. [email protected]

  7. bro, ur vespa accesories still for sales?

  8. hi spyderbear,


    i will arrange another tyme w u as i gt no vehicle to get there. will contact u again once i gt a transportation. thanks for ur patience.

  9. hey bro..am interested w u pipe.nice gpr u hav there..can d price be lowered?

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