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  1. any has any idea how much does a tank fastener cost? the black colored clip right at the very tip of your tank.
  2. anyone knows whens the next kopi session will be?
  3. does anyone here knows how much does the clip look alike thingy that secures the tank to the frame cost? and where cna i find one? book out one day and found it broken.. sigh..
  4. thanks again shermster, it gives me a rough gauge on the cost. cheers!
  5. does anyone knows how much does it cost to respray the tank alone of a monster 400? doesnt have to be an exact figure, a rough idea/figure would suffice. and is it possible to respray to the exact same color? what i meant by that is the exact same tone, shade, etc. i love the bright red, but i wouldn't want my tank to have a shade different from the rest of the other parts if u get what u mean. any help or info would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. =)
  6. hi everyone, theres something thats been bugging me alot so hoping to seek help from the m400 gurus here.. its kinda hard to start my bike, but gradually it would get a steady rumble after say.. 10-15 mins. so.. from point A to point B, theres heat coming from somewhere on the left side, and its really hot, even though i ride for only a short distance, like even 5 mins away. it comes from somewhere beneath the seat. any idea why is that? is it normal? and if it is, is there anything i can do about it?
  7. a pair of CF termi for monster 400 for sale. drop PM if interested, or beep me at 91076505
  8. does anyone know where can i get mirrors with turn indicators? mine was ripped off by some buggers...
  9. and hafish. your inboxs' full. i can't reply your PM
  10. just wondering, anyone staying in the east? hougang/sengkang/serangoon.. etc etc.
  11. hey crazyboi, ive got a pair of termis for sale. beep me if you're still interested.
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