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  1. alo brother// HAHAHA

  2. Nearly a year only replaced clutch plate already? So fast? The previous owner never take care the bike properly is it? Mine is 2009 version. Still tip top. Round headlight version.
  3. Finally I get to change my Oil Filter DIY without draining the engine oil. No Need to tilt also. My bike was on the main stand when i took out the oil filter. Only come out the remaining oil from the oil filter. I got ready one bottle of engine oil some more in case the engine oil flows out. Hehe. Finally the 4T never use. Still ok. Can use for my next oil change.
  4. Maybe you should try Dupont Chain Saver. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/320679-lt-CMO-gt-Dupont-multi-use-lubricant-and-chain-saver
  5. Is it possible to change just the oil filter only without changing the engine oil for our FZ150i? Any experienced riders here know abt this? Can share? Thanks.
  6. If the stick that we pump in air is CHROME in colour it is TUBELESS. If it is BLACK in color means inside got tube.
  7. For transport bike i think air cooled bike is sufficient. Maintenance also Low. No need to FLUSH coolant out yearly cause no coolant? Hehe. Wasted this bike comes in to SGP late.
  8. Hi bro skg. Ya i support u on Maxxis tyres. Not Bad. FKR is rm$80? That is cheap. Is it S-compound bro? If it it P-compound i'll give it a miss.
  9. So this bike use carburator or EFI?
  10. I don wan to re route the air breather la bro. I prefer stock motorcycle Less problems. Yes i heard of Xado but i think i don wan that. I prefer Fully synthetic eo enough for my transport bike. Thanks for the offer bro.
  11. Hi bro mjbs. I am currently using the Protec airfilter. Good. Better than the ori stock filter. :-) Just sharing my experience...
  12. Bro here is another website abt Chessa. http://www.redz-oil.com/index.htm Not much onfo though. Got address and their contact. Maybe you could try email them?
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