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  1. Hello, monster 696 rider here too. í ¾í´­
  2. wah lau cheeko.. hahaha.. i dunnoe wad to say liao..
  3. Can find time one.. Gotta balance study and leisure.. Wad are you riding?
  4. The thread is for ex-students, current students and future students.. Care to intro yourself and do join us for outings..
  5. Yup.. kaiyang won something.. keke.. the rest won free stickers..
  6. hahahaha burmese mafia.. "You hit me. We hit you."
  7. hahahahaha.. wadi ure supposed to be the bikini dude washing our bikes for a charitable cause..
  8. Honda CBR 125 http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_TvNkUp-Yso8/TP-nBh8kNCI/AAAAAAAABmQ/0FmznEfTdu0/s1600/2011-Honda-CBR125Re.jpg Yamaha R125 http://s2.bikewalls.com/pictures/Yamaha_YZF-R125_2008_18_1024x768.jpg Aprilia Rs125 http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/photogallerys/RS125Image2.jpg Derbi Gpr125 http://www.wallpapers10.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Derbi_GPR_125_2009.jpg
  9. SBF 9th Anniversary organizing a local ride out to Scape for SBF 9th Anniversary. we'll go as a group "NUS Riders" dates :: 15th & 16th Jan (Sat & Sun) we'll go as a group "NUS Riders on Sunday 16th. whoever which to go on the other day on their own is welcome to do so. time :: meet straight at SCAPE between 2pm - 3pm, call wadi/phyo once u r there (Sat & Sun) :: charity bike wash is up to individual if they wish to do so or not :: :: those who wish and can stay till dinner time, please do so. we'll end the day by going somewhere to have dinner :: :: for those who ar
  10. hahahhaha.. i see i see, all the best for your teepee! If its abit ex.. u can always consider the new CBR125 2011.. the design is much nicer the its predecessors..
  11. .... wth sbf keeps posting twice.. wanna help clock post issit??
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