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  1. Yeah, i'll be worried if my fan does not turn on. Hehe...
  2. Change Bitubo with canister. Forumer Archer selling the new model for $1K+.... Hehehe...
  3. See what EO u using. Coolant i go for Maxima Coolaide.
  4. Morning guys, just wanna check how many of you have MSN? If you have, PM me your email add. Btw, gathering tentatively on 16th July (Saturday). Venue and timing ask Fir ok. Kekeke... Thanks!
  5. Hi, gonna change my tyres soon. Any discount ir promo if i change radiator hoses to Samco?
  6. Yea bro. Nak lagi kuat bukak pipe teros. Hahahaha....
  7. Fir, jb when again? Set a date in advanced ok. Sms me....
  8. I thought you just bought your BB? Lol... Welcome bro...
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