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  1. Yo tom delonge

  2. Z-FI QS Quick Shift System (Z-FI QS)

    Available for most bikes: $980 (UP $1353)


    Most bikes is what class? Only class 2 bikes? Or 2A also have? Vtec 3 have?

    Please clear your inbox

    Available for most class 2 EFI sport bikes but not for vtec 3.

  3. When want help me fix the rear fender eliminator? I using the aftermarket one but plate facing skywards, kena summon liao
  4. Im riding a FBA Spec 3 carb too, totally satisfied. No complaints. Alot of nice exhaust system to "play" too And i heard that Fuel injection system if the thing goes faulty the repair/replace will cost a bomb??
  5. $699 Brembo & ASV Package (UP $790) - Brembo RCS 19 Brake Master Cylinder - ASV F3 Unbreakable Clutch Lever (3 years warranty) - Evotech RT-01 Brake Fluid Reservoir - Dot 4 brake fluid - Installation If the F3 upgrade to C/5 Will be how much total?
  6. What a beauty!!!! :thumb: RVF never fails to impress me!!
  7. Bro, i got a problem with my bike, last 2 weeks while riding my engine stalled, all the lightings went off, at the same day, i go and changed new battery,den around 6 days later from the day i changed the new battery, while riding my bike stalled again, i go and change new rectrifire and battery, den another 3 days(today), my bike stalled again.


    You have any idea what's wrong? What thing need to be replaced/repair? And how much? Maybe i come down to ur shop now to get it done.


    PM me to reply.

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