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  1. icic.. well its gonna depreciate way more then that.. and you'll be better off dekititng.. as sadly in sg market, accessories dont really add value to the bike.. good luck to this attempt to change though~
  2. pre arf 30k..?? 2016, $26k otr only lah.. #justsaying
  3. i thought 500 is "gor pah" in hokkien.. lol... anyhow wack only sia..
  4. lol.. nah.. not selling at a lost.. i said there's got to be meat left on the bone yea..
  5. lol.. the moment when reality hits and you refuse to accept it.. Im using the plate on my bike now.. its nth much but at least its decent.. ^^ im up for trades or offers if there's meat left on the bone.
  6. i bought my f headed 321 for $500.. just saying.. lol
  7. Do you have H9,H11 osram white bulbs? and also t10.. price for a pair each please.
  8. I used it as a temp fairing while waiting for my OEM bike fairing to arrive.

  9. Hi Bro, Very mild for the gap. After your mech fit it in with the screws, then not much gap, slight only.

  10. I have agv numo,im selling 250..brand new nvr used at all..reason cant mount my helmet camera.. txt me 92306996.thks

  11. Can I check whats the pricing like to wrap my whole CBR400..? 1. Full carbon fibre 2. Full single tone color (either red or black)
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