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  1. lol..oops! i also guilty of that..=x thanks for the pointer again! some guy did mention the b4 carpark when he saw me about to move off frm sbs carpark..but i have no clue how to get there/where it is..my chinese not so good =x

  2. haven been checking over here.. try e B4 carpark den u can try e SBS Cargo lift to anywhere you wan in SBS.. I call that the harry potter lift cos you can get to can A at half the time from SBS

  3. thanks for the warning..=x i only parked there 3x in total..tried mae cp but walking up the hill ah...is :faint: rofl!

    nope i didnt see any particular bikes which frequently park there..but seen a phantom, s4 and white scrambler before =p

  4. hey fellow sbs student, gotta warn you about sbs carpark, i tio warning letter during the semster break. btw do you see anyone parking there regularly nowadays?

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