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  1. Srsly, looking at local bike shops in SG, I don't think a mech's pay is high at all. Unless you're working for the main agent like PML, HL, Harley, or Mah... the average mech's pay is probably like that of a fresh grad... or maybe even less.
  2. 95 is 95, 97 is 97. You can't even quantify any differences because of factors like riding styles, weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc. The difference is probably so minute that you'd end up wasting a day in your life trying out this pointless experiment. Just ride.
  3. I'm looking for this: http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcycle-helmet/nexx-xr1r-carbon/ But the nearest distro I can find is Bangkok. So, if you're heading to Bangkok, let me know... You can get yourself one, and you can carry one back for me too. I'll pay! Promise.
  4. Instead of getting a poll here, why don't you approach the major players like HL or Mah to see if they want it. Srsly, it's all about business and $$. They need more guarantees than just a forum petition to invest time and money in something. You need to show them that it's worth it to them to take up distributorship for something in return, and not just because you alone want to buy a 400 with agent support.
  5. Like how the early adopters of CNG cars got screwed over big time? LOL. Rebates? Where is it now? Where's the cheaper CNG? Teach you a lesson. Don't listen to their BS. $$ to them is more important. Do you know how many electric bikes and mopeds are there in China and Taiwan cities? Lots. Here? Banned... in the pretext and pretense of safety, they say. But of course, the truth is, if you can't license the users and collect taxes, why allow it? Green? Bull-frakking-sh1t!!
  6. ROFL. Amen to that. Well... Maybe except for the V-Rod, I'll go w a Jap or Continental make anytime.
  7. I can show you the lines I made while on the track. But they're kinda private. Y'know... the skid marks in my pants.
  8. I actually wanted one of these too. In either Red of CF. http://axioluggage.com/tankbag_carbon.html Here's their main page for bike stuff. http://axioluggage.com/moto.html The nearest distro is in Hong Kong, so we prob have to call them and order and have it flown in. http://axioluggage.com/dist/asia.html Otherwise, you can buy it off an online retailer in Aus. You interested? If you can find a few more ppl, mebbe we can do a small MO.
  9. Wah. Parking space only available to convoy huh? No a la carte parking ar? :P
  10. Bring it to your race mechanic lor. He'll see if he can bend it back using the good old racing hammer/mallet or race wrench. Aluminium is relatively soft, should be able to bend back but it won't look as straight as before. If cannot, then you'll have to buy another one.
  11. Last sentence = "In addition, Luxottica utilizes third-party manufacturers to produce Oakley apparel, footwear, watches and certain accessories." What's strange about that? Lux bought over Oakley in 2007. Why compete when you can buy over? They're monopolizing the market. But Lux seems to be mainly an eyewear player. Oakley has other stuff like clothings, which I'll bet were also outsourced before the takeover. So why not continue to outsource instead of trying to manufacture something outside your area of expertise? That is the point of outsourcing isn't it?
  12. Always slow down before the crest of a slope or peak. You never know what's on the other side, or if the road is gonna bend right after that. You know Route 3 to Mersing, with the crests and corners? Had a biker in my ride group go off the road into the ditch just because right after one of those crests, there was a sharp bend. Happened years back.
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