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  1. Deleted this message.

  2. wa not bad leh got ppl wa xian u leh hahahahaha

  3. hihi. wanna make friend, what bike are youg riding?

  4. its opposite the whole stretch of agl.. near the bottom of the slope.. just a few shops above the xifu shop.. xifu shop is the big big red color motul signboard one.. hassan shop has got orange walls.. just beside a pub or something.. hope my description can help u..
  5. den me?? i wan the fully chrome tinted visor for evo2 helmet.. have? i get from u 2 pieces if have.. and i noe another forumer would also be interested in it.. haha.. btw.. u're hassan or??
  6. hi bro hassan.. i would like to have a nasi goreng pattaya seafood.. soup kambing.. and one milo ice.. thanks.. :angel:
  7. ahaha.. i think u guys cant fight with artpark sion andy azli and me.. we went in at around 6am in the rain.. came out around 8am and kena jam at custom in the rain also.. shiok sia! purely an adventurous trip for us! sense of achievement! ahaha..
  8. CASUAL MEET UPS AT THE DAM & JOHOR SERVICING Date: 23 OCT 2009 Friday!! Time: 9pm Venue: Yishun Dam!!! Agenda: Sharing and exchanging knowledge, meeting new Pilots and ride to JB (For those that wish to do servicing, pumpet etc) INVITATION TO KRR PILOT REST AND RELAX MEET UP !!!!! Come and join us!!! 1) Valarie 2) Inuki 3) Tik (should be no problem.. will reconfirm..) 4)
  9. bro.. feel so sorry to hear about ur situation.. just to share with u.. i bought my bike FU plate for 2.2k last year.. alot of people say tat its expensive when i told them the price.. but the only thing that i am glad about is the bike given to me did not give me much problems till now.. the bike tat i bought is my baby right now.. i love it alot because it performed for me.. which i am really very happy about it.. so when i hear ur situation i also dun really noe wat to say.. anyway do u noe.. many people out there are dying for spoke rims.. (maybe its only me la).. ahahha..
  10. nice outing just now.. i had fun.. especially the chat with chris and manfred.. ahhaa.. anyway.. hope eyra is doing fine.. do update us of any news bro valarie..
  11. 1130 outing at dam.. at least will have 5 bikes there.. so just go down and join us if free! contact desmond or valarie FIRST if possible..
  12. ah kun the one near bukit batok vicom.. bro.. izit the cordura ones? im also interested to view and feel first before buying it.. anything contact me too yeah? go view together or give me some comments about the jackets also can.. thanks.. bro.. is these all must change accordingly to the bike cc one? cos i saw at MO there is this revtev impedence stabiliser.. izit the same thing? i saw that 399cc below is one type, den 400 above use another type, den 600 cc above use another type.. i think its not really useful if wan to upgrade bike lor.. have to buy new one when
  13. den my full tank never open reserve only 160 leh.. somemore i travel slow slow.. much much more jialat lor.. ahaha.. tong stomach not tat noisy ma.. will disturb people ah? bro.. i respect ur effort in keeping ur bike in good condition.. gonna learn from u here and there.. abit by abit.. ahha.. oh.. den should be ok liao..
  14. somewhere near semb beach.. wooooweeeee.. acually i heard stories until i dun dare to go also.. think forget it laaaa...ahah
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