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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. i shall check with the mechanic about it. cause he suggest that it may be electrical.
  2. Hi, would like to seek advice.. my bike suddenly unable to start after didn't ride for 2days. There's battery(neutral light can be seen) and fuel. i have tried to change the fuse and CDI but still unable to start. I tow to bike shop, he say he can't find the problem, might be magnetic coil or cable issue. He suggest me to scrap as spare part if difficult to be found. Should i try to find spare part or scrap the bike?
  3. Hi All, recently im looking into new bike, hopefully can get some reply on below model: CBF190x --> kinda like the look CB190R MT-15
  4. you can consider, Vemar Nashi, ChongAik is carrying them. Selling at $180. its considered light for modular helmet.
  5. Hi Guys, If im going holiday plaza jb, where can i park?
  6. Hi, any recommendation on workshop that do top servicing in north side of singapore? best will be woodlands, yishun or angmokio area..
  7. Thank you for the suggestion! but i think i will still try to go for local workshop, not so confident to travel in myself.. haha..
  8. Hi All, my mechanic mention that my bike cylinder head gasket is likely to be in poor condition. He suggested i replace it and do piston servicing along with it, he quoted $200. is it consider a top servicing package? any place to recommend for such servicing?
  9. Hi All, May i know how to top up coolant for NSR150sp? any recommended brand and model? and where to get the coolant?
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