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  1. i think the bar is not really accurate as in each bar = ? liters , as long it left 1 bar or running i will go pump and i do notice that when i pump full its still 5bars , untill i pull the bike straight than it till become full bar , so i guess the sensor is somewhere that u need to straighten yr bike to hit it ^^ as for FC i guess i have mention , when i travel 50km/day i can hit 19km/l , if i travel 10km/day i can only hit 15km/l ~ so i guess something to do with petrol evaporate ? ^^
  2. went to planet for "sometimes my bike cannot start prob" ~ they also dunno why as i have changed coil rectifier and batt ~ and there's another new prob as my headlight will not be on when i turn the ignition switch , it will only be on after i switch on my high beam on and off ~ planet boss told me to put some WD40 on the starter switch will do , but later in the night the prob comes back , so i dont think its the starter switch prob ?
  3. fs plate 50k mileage is very little, its like quite impossible @[email protected] , but $7300 is quite expensive have a look @ bikemark most of spec 1 is at $5k+
  4. can push start , a shop @ amk int part 2 ~ forget its name fuse checked no prob ~ hmm ~ think i sent to another shop check , sigh ~ spark plug will cause no headlight ? unless i throttle ?
  5. changed coil , rectifier, batt ~ still got start problem ~ bike cb400 spec 1 now even the headlight got prob , when i start bike there will be no headlight ~ only after i throttle abit than the headlight will on ~ and sometimes i cant start bike got cranking sound but bike cannot start ~
  6. anyway to check it >. have changed almost like everything related to start bike prob
  7. had a problem here ~ i just changed my rectifier , coil , batt ~ but still have problem starting my bike -.- the horn lights all is there just that its like not enough power to start up my bike >.
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