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  1. Applications NaVfone Youtube TUne In Radio SG Traffic (News + Cam) Traffic Cam (Cam only) Traffic Cam (Bigger pic, faster loading) Channel News Asia Networking/Communication Whatsapp Foursquare Facebook Games NFS Shift Angry bird Slice It Ninja Jump Ninja kaka Forest Runner 2 Player Reactor Unblock Me Crash Bandicoot (abit lag) Bubble Blast 2 Bubble Blast Halloween PushBox X Construct
  2. u sure expressway no 90km/hr? only 70km/hr & 80km/hr???
  3. the "behind the scene" guys is Andy, Andrew & James... i only sweat few days whilst they sweat few months so biggest applause goes to them... =)
  4. i think we picked up around 4 or 5 UNTORN TICKETS then ask the emcee to announce the tickets number & names but no one came forward to collect except only 1 person & that poor fella thought he won something... I dun think i saw a smaller portion inside the box... Perhaps its covered by other bigger pieces... Perhaps peeps here can list what they wanna see for next yr. More talks? More games? Must be abit specific lah cos to general Andy also cannot narrow down on which direction to go...
  5. From my understanding, all lanes in KPE or any other expressway is permitted to travel to a max of 70km.hr, 80km/hr or 90km.hr for some others. All lanes. 1st lane is meant for EMERGENCY VEHICLES & overtaking. But all is within speed limit. If anyone who books you & is not in a GOV vehicle, 1) ask to see a warrant card, 2) call the uniform guys to come down. i believe even off duty TP also cannot anyhow instruct anyone to stop or request to give way...
  6. wah she ride short distance also let u HIP DIO ah... ur antenna must be very long... haha... kidding... wah this is very direct... either its booked or its hidden sentence is, "you better bribe me" haha... kidding too.. i got no chance to go take pics...
  7. Congrats to S4vtec & many thank to all participants of SBF Challenge 2011 & SBF Special Stage. Our "garang" ladies endured the rain & proved they are as good as any other man whilst our "manly" males proved they have the technical moves. My applause goes to you all :clap: So next time your bike breakdown or needs a push, you know who to look for ah... As its our 1st challenge, we still have alot to learn from each other regardless organiser or participants. To any hiccups which occur/surface, my sincere apologies to everyone. I hope next year will be better. For you, f
  8. Reserve Fuel. Once u see "F" Start of your reserve petrol...
  9. Happy birthday!!!

  10. if u ain't duro, den ur conscience is clear. so y bother wat others is thinking when words cannot change the fact?

  11. 1) you've chosen not to receive private msg so i cannot reply to u. pls check your settings.


    2) pls contact admin for more details

  12. Happy labor day to all... with regards to posting from dafeimao, as much as most ppl would like to see a race, let's just put a stop to any provokings/flamings to any parties & e involved parties the manner to resolve this issue. If there were to be any race, let it be of their own ego/wanting & not because of anyone else that is not involved in the "war" cheers all... ride safe...
  13. Happy Birthday!!!

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