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  1. Hello ST11 riders! I just got my class 2 not long ago and am interested to get a class 2 bike for leisure/weekend ride. I used to ride Phantom 200, upgraded to Shadow 400. As you can tell, I'm more of a cruiser rider. So I'm looking at Shadow 750 as well as ST11 and ST13 (for some adventure). But budget permits (wife set one) only ST11 for now. Does it make sense for me to get one that is nearing 20 years old? What kind of maintenance am i looking? Would also appreciate if any of the old birds are experienced to share the pros and cons for the bikes listed above. Many thanks in advance!
  2. weian

    Honda Shadow 400

    Hi, is anyone able to confirm the following for Honda Shadow: 1. Diameter of stock handlebar - 1" or 7/8"? 2. Thread of stock mirror - 8mm or 10mm?
  3. that is one dope Phantom. great job @wdwflash!
  4. I am interested.. sms me @92994501. Thanks.

  5. hihi im interested to buy...sms me 9456 6005 ta 200

  6. yes it's free! i intend to park at TripleOne Somerset, formerly Singapore Power. Enter by the side.
  7. It's free parking for bike ONLY for now, at least. Btw, if i want to go Peace Centre, where should i park so that i can walk the least? Please advise, thanks!
  8. heyy, saw ur post in http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3822225&postcount=583


    can i check with you that when u use your top box (e450) as side boxes, does it leak water? and what about squeezing in between cars during a jam, do you face a lot of difficulty? thanks if you could reply.

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