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  1. boss Andrew,


    A friend of mine member here cannot remember password and not able to login his registered hotmail account.

    So he is asking me if I could help by asking you to reset his email from [email protected] [email protected]


    He whatsapp me and I could not reset his password.

    So I need a help from you.


    To verify, I can be reach via whatsapp or cell 9106 6988




  2. http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee289/SingaporeBikes/Events/MissSingaporeBeautyPageantGirls_zps06c86fba.jpg Miss Motoworld Campaign Date : 30th Aug 2014 (Saturday) Time : 1:30 to 4pm Location : Motoworld @ 10 Kaki Bukit Rd 1 #01-08 Come mingle with our beauty pageant contestants . Help us Vote for Miss Motoworld 2014 and stand to win attractive prices . Yamaha New Bikes on display . Catch the New SHARK Helmets Collection on Display , Special item for this event offer !!! Exciting Lucky Draw prizes for bikers ...
  3. Dear members!!! Today is the last day of catching the world number 3 motorcycle stunt rider Hiroyuki Ogawa live in actions!!! You can't miss this show!!! The stunt timing will be at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm and we will be giving out prizes and gifts throughout the show today and for*all those who has uploaded your selfie with hashtag*‪#‎stunnedbymah‬, do rem to be here at the 6pm to see if you are the lucky winner to walk away with the ARAI ram4 helmet!* See you all later!
  4. Updates : Programme For 26 & 27 Jul 14 1100H : Event Commence 1200H-1230H : Ogawa stunt show 1230H-1400H : Photo Opp with stunt bikes 1400H-1430H : Ogawa stunt show 1430H-1600H : Photo Opp with Ogawa 1600H-1630H : Ogawa stunt show 1630H-1700H : Interview with Ogawa 1800H-1830H : Ogawa stunt show 1830H-1900H : End of Event IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! For Selfie entry to be posted in FB.com/sgbikes, ALL post must be Hashtag #stunnedbymah
  5. http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee289/SingaporeBikes/Events/TakeSelfieToWinGreatPrizes_zps292f9f41.jpg Member(s) attending this weekend adrenaline rush stunt show performance @ ECP Bigsplash Playground, DO REMEMBER to take your BEST selfie at the event ground and post it in our SBF FB event page to stand a chance to win exciting prizes, IF YOUR SELFIE HAS THE MOST LIKES! All submitted selfies will also stand a chance to win our grand prize of....... (Sorry folks, it's a secret for now... ). So do remember to take your selfie and submit it before Sunday, 27th July 2014, 7pm in order to qualify for the lucky draw! Regards On Behalf of Management www.Singaporebikes.com
  6. http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee289/SingaporeBikes/Events/OgawaVert2_zpsbc3260d0.jpg Mah Pte Ltd proudly presents Hiroyuki Ogawa Stuntshow Live @ ECP Bigsplash Date : 26 & 27 Jul 2014 (Sat & Sun) Time : 11am to 7 pm Venue : ECP @ Bigsplash Playground (Beside the Seafood International Market) Stunt Performance Stunt Artiste : Hiroyuki Ogawa (Official ICON rider) About Him : http://motoxtreme.jp/ Intro Clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzkM1yqpLjw&feature=youtu.be&noredirect=1 Stunt bikes : Triumph 675 Street Triple R & Adiva AD3 Performance Slots : 12pm 2pm 4pm 6pm Check out our stunning models . . . MIKI ACE GISSELLE Member(s) looking for good deals, promotions and offers, do make your way down to ECP @ Bigsplash Playground and check out our participating vendors : - Mah Pte Ltd - A Motorcykel Area - Wow! Gadgets - Blackvue Singapore - IPONE Lubricants - JR Pte Ltd - Dainese Singapore - Juzz Wheelzz Graphix Pte Ltd - Hodaka Motoworld - Motor Culture Asia - Monster Energy Singapore - Race Werks Motorsports - R&G Racing Products - Sporting Motors Pte Ltd - Threesixty Magazine - W. Y. Motor Pte Ltd Organiser: www.SingaporeBikes.com Regards, Management, SingaporeBikes.com
  7. Post Event Message from Singapore Traffic Police . .
  8. until
  9. Registration closed. Members who had registered will be informed once details is firmed up. Thank you. Regards Andrew
  10. Hi, Kindly email me the details and will followup with you whether can accommodate the group. Regards Andrew
  11. until
    3 Nation Charity Ride (3NCR) 2014 This year 3 Nation Charity Ride is hosted by Team Hanuman in Hatyai, Thailand on Friday 26 Sept and Sat 27 Sept 2014. The event registration fee is THB 1500/S$60 per person and include; 1 3NCR short sleeve T-shirt 1 3NCR long sleeve T-shirt 1 3NCR sticker 1 Charity Dinner and many others 3 Nation Charity Ride 2014 Launch & Pre-registration is held on Sat 21 June 5pm-9 pm at Alchemy Bistro @ 3 Magazine Road, 01-02 Central Mall, Singapore 059570. Event registration fee $60 per person and include 1 x 3NCR short sleeve t-shirt, 1 x long sleeve t-shirt, 1 x 3NCR sticker, 1 lunch pack & 1 Official Dinner on Sat 27 Sep. Various 3NCR event & hotel packages available for bikers from $125 ...per person onward. Early Biker Rates: Event+3D/2N Twin- share -$125 pp Event+3D/2N Single - $180 pp Event+4D/3N*Twinshare - $170 pp Event+4S/3N* Single - $270 pp All above incl 2 night stay in Hatyai. * Include 1 night stay in Ipoh on Thu 25 Sept 2014- Recommended for 1st time participant. Above price subject to changes after June 2014.
  12. What Is Singapore Ride Safe Event About ? Ride safe aims to engage and educate motorcyclists and motorcycling enthusiasts on the importance of safe riding. It is a joint collaboration that brings together all three driving centres to disseminate road safety messages targeted at motorcyclists. The Ride Safe annual series began five years ago, started out as the BBDC (Bukit Batok Driving Centre) Ride Safe Campaign in 2007. Since 2012, two other driving centres have come onboard together to reach out to the bigger masses of the motorcycling community with the objective of inculcating safe riding consciousness, habits and behaviours amongst the community. The event targets to increase the road safety awareness of motorcyclists thereby reduce the incidence of motorcycle accidents and more importantly, minimise the extent of serious injuries and fatalities suffered by motorcyclists in accidents. Singapore Ride Safe 2014 Date : 21st Jun 2014 (Sat) Time : Half Day Event (Timing to be confirmed) Attire : Properly attired for participants Registration Closed On 1st Jun 2014 (Or slots filled up whichever is earlier) Programme To be announced Later Participant's Registration 01. Sino74 02. lemont97 03. Lee Loo Hay 04. Ian 05. Ji Shun 06. flareon1982 07. reeve niu 08. Chan Pengli 09. Poh Eugene 10. Tan Yee Chieh 11. Ricky Chong 12. Gary Loy 13. blackness 14. Chuckie68 15. moohaha 16. SpeedlimiT 17. Wayne Udomin & Louise Udomin 17. Sadhow 18. Henry Goh 19. Nor Riszuan 20. Bunny_Hui 21. Aerosmith 22. Aden Ng 23. Jonathan Ong 24. Shawn Kwan 25. Chris Pong 26. Alvin Yeo 27. Paul Teo 28. K.H Pek 29. Richard Chin 30. Shafik 31. CheeYuh 32. Eliz 33. Nixion John Gomez 34. Miken Seow Interested participants to email the following to [email protected] : Name / NRIC / Contact Will consolidate interested participant's email received and add into the available slots accordingly. Regards Andrew
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