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  1. maintenance is very reasonable.. FC 20-25km/L make sure your 2t always have enough hahas
  2. neez


    got whatsapp group, and fb page also
  3. neez


    yah sawq on carousell.. $35 a pair just to easier pump air... walaoeh
  4. neez


    i manages to squeeze the head in to pump.. heng ah
  5. locally in sg or JB? locally in sg i go funmaster @ sin ming autocare lv 3, and previously 1 shop at braddell road SPC, and sometimes GA motors when funmaster never open JB i go to jln bapok got one old chinese uncle near the entrace of jln bapok. his signboard MOS oil
  6. neez


    just got myself an 09 2014 how do you guys pump air at petrol kiosk? the petrol kiosk heads are too narrow, and the air valve is centralised on the rim..
  7. below is scene recreation. so the thrid guy canot claim my insurance right? but the first guy dunwan pick up phone.. now already about 16 hours aft the incident already. happened at approx 1am http://i51.tinypic.com/2d8193d.jpg and this is the aftermath http://i52.tinypic.com/2w3uxpk.jpg this is the exact location (taken fr googlemaps) http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa477/nneezz/Screenshot2011-07-03atPM023717.png
  8. SAME AHHH!!!!.. sian.. =(
  9. hi! newbie rxz rider here.. any one has tips on how to improve pickup without the max speed suffering? i assume that a faster pickup will use smaller gear ratios, and in the later part of the speed curve will become lower as well.
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