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  1. Aku tgh delimma nak p touring nie, hahaha!

  2. Bro, aku leh recommend ko, kalo ko nak use liquimoly oil for engine, fork, break and etc.. Contact me at 83668046

  3. Din Beramboi

    Racing Bike

    The CBF 150 Racing Bike
  4. Hi bro.. U staying in CCK? What blk there? My is 281.

  5. Hi Bro.. Agak2 bila leh meet up???

  6. Din Beramboi

    Honda CBF150

    Here come my new bike after downgrade from CBR919.
  7. Din Beramboi

    My Bike

    New Look!!!
  8. Din Beramboi

    CBR919 2

    From the album: My Bike

  9. Din Beramboi


    From the album: My Bike

  10. Hello. Let be fren and join me riding at any event.

  11. Din Beramboi


    From the album: Honda CBR919RRX

  12. Hi bro. Looking for riding friends here.

  13. Hi bro. I'm looking for fren here to have a good riding geng. Yeah babby yeah.

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