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  1. Are you in Singapore or in the states?
  2. the

    Bmw k1600gt/gtl

    Nice ride. I tot the crash bar come with the bike? There is an aftermarket ones?
  3. Try using Odessy battery.
  4. Is ur bike a PMl or PI bike?
  5. Hello I am new. I never ride blackbird. Everyday I kena slice
  6. the

    Honda ST1300

    Didn't state my bike was running on ohlins. So that say about the performance. Yes great bike to ride but just don't lost ur balance. Let it go if dropping
  7. the

    Honda ST1300

    Can try change the suspension. Change the springs first. Where u buy ur st from?
  8. the

    Honda ST1300

    I rode the st1300 for 3 yrs I don't have any wobble. Though some say have. It could be types, suspension, windscreen position, rear box, rear suspension set up , wheel balancing and roads. I seen some rider past 200 but they don't fishtail or wobble. Before this what bike you ride? Accessories for this bike is as good as zero in sgp. You can try eBay.
  9. Selling off the following item St1300 front crash bar with bolts and nuts St1300 rear box 3m reflective stickers St1300 knock sensor St1300 fuel float sensor Pm me to dea
  10. the

    Bmw gs1200

    Nice one bro. Pity mine is rare species. Haha I am the k family
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