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  1. Good Morning chaps, Anyone wants to ride up to PG on thursday morning to watch Lawrence and Raj(vyruz) burn some rubber?? It's our boy Lawrence's birthday, so we could have a small celebration at PG. If you're interested, let me know. Just a slow relaxing ride up, a small tour of the track conducted by yours truly. Sorry, i wont be raising my hand to signal change to what gear etc. You gotta figure that out on your own. We wont be entering the track per say. I'm a poor guy, cant afford to buy my own suit. Unlike a certain PERSON who makes use of the money he got when his dear mum
  2. No worries mate. I think it's only a 10% discount anyway. If you need to get your stuff earlier, let me know. I was into MX when I was younger so i always bought from there. In the end, I bought an Aprilia. Haha. I used to wear a MX helmet while riding my aprilia too. After I retook my license after being revoked for a year.. Was fun.. I still have it.. Hmm, maybe time to wear it again.. Hehe. Anyone else interested to go watch? I should be going up.
  3. Let me know by Friday bro. So I can plan my schedule. Bro, awesome vid. Looks really fun. I've got my own MX helmet and Oakley goggles. I might spring for a new MX jersey, pants and boots before going. How did you go there? Ferry?? Btw, I've got a discount card at that store. Next time let me know so I can pass you my card if you want to buy anything.
  4. Ashraff, I fully agree with you. But the sad thing is Aprilia decided to conform to the Euro emission standards and produce a bike for pussies. No matter how nice it looks, I doubt i'd ever buy one even if I was a new rider. You'd get creamed by almost any bike. When the R125s 1st came out, there was so much of hype. Our resident, semi retired racer, Icez, with his y2k model RS125, with 28mm carb and standard exhaust finished off a fully modded R125 with malossi BBK, air filter, leovince exhaust, the works!!! 2nd link was the test ground, and the R125 didnt stand a chance even with 180cc.
  5. Derbi engine you mean? Will get it to teach my son how to ride probably. Looks so nice, runs like a turtle.
  6. I have the older one, it's bigger. $100, and it's yours. Plus a spare radiator for sale too.. In case anyone fell and damaged theirs.
  7. Good luck mate. I should be coming to support you like how I did last time! And I got super drenched on the way home! Hey bro, good luck with your overhaul. Any pictorial updates? I'm looking forward to seeing how you do it. Please create thread the ARC forum when you're free to save your work for future generations to learn from. Can you drive us down? I call shotgun!
  8. Yes Lawrence, please get rid of them. I want to ask you. What's the serial number embedded on your rear master cyclinder? I'm thinking of getting it online. Yea, he's a spare parts dealer here. With reasonable prices... Right Koon???
  9. Wait!!! Is it that same guy who wanted to check his valve opening at Law's place?? Hehe. Chris loves that guy! Sorry bro, I got drenched after my 1st tuition yesterday, so didnt go for the DIY. Sad I missed it!
  10. Evil guy! Raj, I'm keen to try out this Tristan Park event sometime in the future. I have exams coming up very shortly, and will be busy. Maybe we can plan a trip with some of the other guys. I'm looking forward to your video! Yes, the brand name. Nothing wrong with P platers learning to DIY. I've owned my bike since 2005 and I dont know much about DIY. I take my hats off the chaps who organised this and went ahead with it. That shows their passion. You dont have to be an old timer to show your passion. In any case, what's your obsession with Rockoil? Are you being sponsored
  11. Alot of confusion regarding the Arrow exhaust. Let me try to enlighten the masses. Firstly, there are 2 different types. One with the carbon kevlar endcan, the other with the titanium endcan.(looks similar to 06 models onwards). The belly/expansion chamber is the SAME!. So powerwise there shld be minimal or no difference. And both types can be used on all models of RS125. Doesnt matter what year. Same damn thing. I recently helped a friend secure the titanium endcan variant for his 02 model RS125. Regarding legality issues, the Arrow exhaust is not deemed street legal unless you hav
  12. Excellent excellent post! I firmly agree with you mate. It is fustrating for regular forumers to post the same thing over and over again. That's why usually I dont bother unless i feel like it. BUt you bring up a very valid point. Stickies and dedicated threads to specific topics were something we had the the old ARC forum. I'm more than willing to chip a nominal sum to get that forum running again. Let's see who else is interested.
  13. Hi dude,


    just noticed your avatar. is it at sepang?? Very nice. Will like to see more pics.



  14. Aprilia riders fu*ked up! APRILIA FUC*KED UPPPPP!!!
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