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  1. I can meet you up near SPEX House at KFC or Mac but you must reach the place in-between 6pm to 7.15pm

    But it will be next week tue or thur is it ok wif you?

    Below is the address:

    210 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397802

  2. I just lost my phone not long ago and im waiting for my replacement, can we deal it at my place? As following address 150 Pandan Gardens, 609335.

    But I will only be free on a week-end. As I'm out.

  3. Hi max hammad is there anything you want to know?

    FYI, this is really a toy Heli and it's small...

  4. hi armani123sg do you still help people fix LED for free?

    I mean we buy the LED and you help fix..

    and if you do i got another qn are you able to fix Hazard Lights and LED light together, in 1 switch ?

    Like if i switch on the Hazard Lights the LED will oso flash together wif the LED and if i only want the LED to light up, only the LED will light up..

  5. sry those are sold

  6. hi the Cheers CareBear Full set is new

  7. hi if you're keen on my toy pls pm me your contact

  8. Hi young501 may i know how much is a metal headlight that will be able to fit onto a TA200 without problem...

    Pls let me know really thanks for the help in adv

  9. Brother im keen on the chrome bar can sell me cheaper pls im still a student and just start to slowly mob my TA200 btw im still a newbie can kindly tell me is it able to fit on my TA200 ? thanks

  10. brother you know this guy devil.L?

  11. Bro im riding TA 200 now but want to change most of my lights to LED and someone told me you're able to help can help me out pls...:cry:

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