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  1. Bro, its almost the same scenario as mine. You can try going down to LTA and pay the fine. Most likely don't have to attend court after u settle the fine in LTA (or just go to court on the date of hearing, scan IC then u can go, "Provided u already paid the fine in LTA", speak/appeal to the compounding officer in LTA. Go down asap.
  2. Think i saw more LTA then TP nowadays... Today tio jackpot. Was stopped by 3 LTA while riding along sin ming to yishun, means kena stop 3 times...imagine on the 3rd time, "here we go again".
  3. Hi guys, checking how much does one 2nd hand street legal leo vinc pipe cost now?
  4. Was on street legal leo vince pipe. Caught me , saying i dont have silencer on it. go inspection + $500. Well, i just started riding back after 6 yrs (lost touch with biking stuffs), took the bike less than a month. Since i got the cert for the pipe, thought i be okie. Well, lesson learn.
  5. Got stopped by one today.... Totally no chance to plead...
  6. Hi everyone...it's been a long time since i last step in. in memories of my S4.
  7. il4 hi, is it available in most motorshops?
  8. Are u throttle-happy person? Just got bike from bikeshop? Common practice, they always say do everything swee swee for u, but nothing in the end. If u experience loss of power, slugglish, Change ya Air filter, Oil filter too. Engine oil? did u see the mech changing for u? Maybe u can service ya Carbs. VerS, an ageing bike, Watch ya Recti and Batt...and oso carbon starter which happens mostly on old bikes. LAB, alamak brudder...next time use the Search button. Lim Ah Boy is at Kelantan Lane. Reliable? haa, is your bargain skills good? U can get almost wateva thingy there....Chiong and Original.
  9. up to ownself. u can read the mileage, or wait till bike feels no power then that's when u turn to reserve. Normally, once the meter touches red, u still can go abt 20 - 40 km, then reserve.
  10. tyre pressure, i do 200 for front, 250 rear. greekgod, check for leaky forks, or a common thingy, cables at the front rubbing on each other. How long did u got ya Vers? 250 on a full tank is funny, is ur idling up and down? experience slugglish acceleration?
  11. Dudes, Please remember to list the prices of the stuff you bought personally; not what you have "heard". This way, I think we can provide all our fellow S4'ers an accurate estimate of the relevant costs. Thanks for your understanding guys. *** Please put the text u added in a diff colour. Red would be great! *** 1. Engine Oil (4T) Liqui Moly 10w60HD/ fully syn, $18/btl @ Unity motor Castrol R4, 3 bottles + original oil fittler Motoworld Price $68 (Promotion) ; Just verified on 6 Sept 2003. Pleasure Motorsports PL Fuch semi 20-50, 3.2L $16 R4 $16 @ HKL Total 1L -$4.30 cheap and good from carrefour (semi syn) Esso Gold HKL selling $15 Motul 5100 Ester 15W50 (semi syn), HKL, $13 per bottle Motul 300V (Fully syn), Mah Motor, $20/btl Repsol Motor 10W50 Fully Syn $18/btl, Foo Soon Heng Motor 2. Tires Bridgestones BT090 from HKL $210, Front and Rear Front tyre 090 110/70 for $88 @ LAB BT 010 HKL with balancing $250 LAB BT090 @$210 AND [email protected]$250 Dunlop GP70Sp Rear from Mah motor $180 Dunlop GPR70 110/70-17 $115 @ Motorworld Dunlop GRP70 140/60-17 $135 @ Motorworld Dunlop GRP70 150/60-17 $145 @ Motorworld Pirelli DRAGON MTR01/02 RADIAL $200 a pair F/B Lim Ah Boy BT090 Front 120/60 rear 160/60 @ HKL $240 (Mar '04) Dunlop GT501 Arrowmax 110/70 $75 @ HKL Rear Tyre - Metzeler Mez1 150/60 $140 @ Sanfu Dunlop GPR70 120f 160r $280 Sanfu 3. Chain & Spockets HKL selling italy fr & BK spockets with DID or RK X ring @ $180 Mah motor orig fr & bk spockets with DID X @$250 Front and rear Honda Original(Thailand) Sprocket including D.I.D. Pro X-ring chain - $190.00 - 219 Motor shop @ Lavender. LAB JAPAN frnt n bk sprocket with DID X RING @180 LAB original honda front + japan bk sprocket with honda original spirit coloured chain @140 Honda original spirit coloured chain $60 $180 DID X-Ring chain + Japan fr & bk sprocket Southern Motors DID X-ring + Italy Sprockets $180 Sanfu 4. Brakes Gold Fren(ceramic carbon) H.H performance w/ insta - $35 @ Unity motor Brake pads SBS or isumi from HKL $18 per pair SBS $17 + Fixing Vesrah green pad $18 DIY Eversucess Vesrah HH sintered metal $35 per pair DIY Everscuess Hel Braided Hose (Front and Back) $150 w/o Installation fr Mah A. Brake fluids MOTUL RBF 600 Factory line (Racing Brake Fluid) Shell brake fluid DOT4 $6.50 DIY UNITY (Bt Merah) $13per bottle, Bleeding $20 Servicing 5. Other Stuff A. Handlebar/Grips $23 - Harris grip @ 219 Motor shop @ Lavender $8 - Playlife [email protected] mah motor $23- Harris [email protected] Unity bt merah $25-Harris grip @ Chiap Lee $50 - coloured anodised aluminium alloy handlebar @ chiong aik B. Engine Guards $120 2 pcs Crome Blk @ Unity motor $55 for Ver S @ LAB $110 2 piece Enzer black @ Mah motor $70 2 piece chrome @ Mah motor $70 chrome 3 point engine guard @ LAB $60 chrome 3 point @ Motorworld $45 chrome for all models @ Mah Motor $90 stainless steel 3 point @ Motorworld $90 And Black 3 point @ Motorworld C. Boxes/Racks $205 E450 with brackets @ LAB (w/install) $380 Silver Maxia 52L with givi brackets & orig back rest(w/install) @ 219 motors D. Battery $50 @ HKL yuasa $55 @ HKL bigger size and power? $55 @ Foo Soon Heng Motor (Yuasa YTX9-BS) $55 @ LAB, "Made in Japan" furukawa $60 @ Kilvile, Ubi. $60 @ FJT, Rowell Rd(DIY) E. Reactifier [email protected] motortiam in CCK $140 @ Mah motor (incl Dry batt ) $65 @ LAB (Made in Japan with fins for Version S) $55 @ LAB (just bought on 26th Aug, the fins type for Ver S.) F. Steering Cone ( FJT $35 part, Fix Malaysia $30 ) $70 @ Southern Bt Merah + installation $80 @ LAB workshop + installation + Fork oil G. Suspension Protector (Vtec/Spec2) $25 @ Unity motor $45 @ HKL (Can get @ $40 if bargain) $30 @ Seng Kwang $12 @ LAB chrome $20 @ Mah Motor with install Chrome $26 @ Mah Motor with install Anodise Black $50 @ Seng Kwang custom made for any version. $30 @ Planet,mus knock abit 2 fit H. K&N Recharger Kit $18 @ Mah Motor I. K&N Air Filter $80 @ Unity motor $60-$65 @Mah motor $70-75 @Mah Motor (My front paint chip off) NO skills $65 @ HKL $55 @ HKL ( VerS ) J. Oil Filter Unity Motor Honda genuine parts @16 plus installation Mah motor honda original oil filter @$12 DIY HKL KNN oil filter w/stall @$15 LAB original HOnda oil filter @$12 D.I.Y Foo Soon Heng, Honda Genuine Parts, $15 w/instal Honda original oil filter (black) @ $6 DIY -> Place: Ubi, a shop selling engine oil directly opposite super bike. LAB oil filter Cap @$6 K. Bike Respray $40 Exhaust header sand and respray with hi-temp @atan at ubi L. Fork Brace $60 japan @ LAB M. Alarm CHeetah Alarm (water proof version) @ motorX w/o install $48 w/ installation $58 N. Belly Pan Motorworld $60 LAB $ 30 thin or Better $40 O. Spark Plug Unity Motor Denso $8.5/pc incl installation LAB denso (Japan) $5/pc. DIY Mah motor splitfire (SF430B) 4 pcs $30 Mah motor NGK (CR8EH-9/CR9EH-9) $7.50/pc. DIY P. Ignition Lock Version R Honda Lock plus 2 keys, $85(Lock) + $20(Labour) @ Mah Motor. Q. Hugger Motorworld $60 R. Clutch cable $10 @ FJT S. Coolent Mah motor flush coolent $25 workmanship, use 1 spaajard radiator flush $5 and 4 x $4 castrol pre-mixed coolent. Total = $46 Mah motor change coolent $10 workmanship. Cost would be $26 T. Rear wheel sealed bearings. $40.00 with dust cover (Excluding labour $30.00) Planet change front and rear wheel bearing(w/o sprocket bearing) 4pcs = $56 inclusive labour. U. Cutch Pad $160 for 06 x Cutch Pads + 01 x Gasket + 03 x Motorex engine oil + labour @ Kilvile, Ubi. V. Carbon Starter $65 for 01 x Carbon starter + labour @ Mah Motor. W. Bulb $3/piece for 01 x Front signal bulb. $2/piece for 01 x Dash Board bulb $10/piece Hella H4 Halogen bulb (Headlight) X. Seats $30 2 color with Honda Racing specialist words @ 219 motors Z. Mainstand $140 suitable for vtecII/III @ chiong aik joo chiat
  12. wah..all change to scram handles ...
  13. think out of da box...try those race/sports bike design. imagine on the tank and belly pan. colours do play a part. Or try to do a tribal on it.
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