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  1. hi, u know what is th best handle bar (if can wide) the most comfortable and good riding posture for ta200?

  2. hey there, regarding my pan seat, i fabricated & made it myself. (:

  3. bro, can i check where did you get your pan seat from?

  4. Hi bro,


    Do you have phantom ta150 fuel tank for sale? Btw do you know where to get straightbars for phantom too?



  5. thanks man. (:

    which vid did you came across? :o

  6. i saw you vid on youtube... that was some crazy ****... anyway awesome looking bike...

  7. devil.L

    Honda Shadow 400

    Which Steed & which Shadow. There's 3 kinda steed & 8 kinda Shadow.
  8. LOL. FF + armour jacket + boots in BBDC = hardcore over kill. Well, the shop along LAB has almost everything you need.
  9. got it! thanks thanks

  10. hi there.

    with regards to the tank. yea, that was my bike in 2010. sold it off oredi.


    well, for dragstar, i would reco to purchase a tank & replace.

    browse ebay for em. a peanut tank would be just nice if that's the style you're going for.

  11. Hi,


    Wondering whether the pic of your bike is yours? IF so could you advise me where I would be able to change my tank? i'm riding a yamaha dragstar and would like to change to a smaller tank.


    Warm Regards

  12. how high do you exactly want it to be? chest level, shoulder, chin, nose, eye, forehead. & seat. intending to make it thinner or thicker. mmh,
  13. AWESOME! can teach me how or sth?

  14. hi devil. i question. u do mods urself or u go to shop do one?

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