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  1. We do have a few riders in the back adopting the ghost end can.It so ghostly that it will avoid detection from the lta.but nonetheless the sound is amazing....maintenace wise is that suzuki only have oem but no local made parts.take note that you buy quality for quality...unless you can scapryard the find.
  2. Issues starts to come due to improper maintenance on the bike.Even high milage ones are still in good condition.Please take note of any rattles ,squeaks and also electrical or start up failures.items due to wear and tear can contribute to fuel pump,sais failure ,alternator tyres, hoses , electical harness (if tampered with) are early signs you are buying a lemon.best to see and observe the engine if the shop allows the bike to idle and warm up slowly.and lets hope he dosen't rev the bike up to temp when its cold to gain the buyer confidence that the bike is working well. and if you do decide t
  3. Hello Mr Naz Adidas.....When can we tour.
  4. Hi Bros, I opened up this black cap (hope you can see in the picture above, arrowed) on my GSR 400 and I don't see any engine oil. Should I top up some oil? Can top up directly through this inlet, right? Please advise. Thanks! I think this have been highlighted , yes you should see the gears inside but not the oil.for a quick glance on how much oil you hvae left.Please look into window of the right side located lower from the filler cap .make sure the oil covers half of the window glass.
  5. Please check ur sais reponder if they have connected it properly.please trace the wire under the key cap to the immobilizer.
  6. Hallo Eugene,


    Could you provide me for triumph price list for my consideration

    OTR age is 27..Thank you.

    Speed Triple 2010

    Speed Triple 2011(new facelift)

    Tiger 800

    Tiger 1050

  7. My record is 319km both bar blinking, SOme of the Guys manage to hit till 330~340km..... it all depend on ur guts whether you wanna push ur luck...just make sure it doesn't happen ont he Xpressway...
  8. Alamak !!! "EMMYNOLLY" Those sliders can bought elsewhere beb!!!.haahahx
  9. Hi MMK, If you really wanna save your fren,the next best thing is to cover the whole starboard (right) side using 3m stickers,it is the best cheap option. =) your seat can be done at eugene saddelry,i have done once with bro freak and gang.as for mirror,no comment,you are on ur own.hahahx...next tyme ask ur collegue be careful,better sayang his money more.=)
  10. Any in Favour of SW-MOtech alu boX ? =)
  11. Hallo xvaiox, Well ofcourse you can proceed but i can't gurantee you a pass for your customs. I can say that the Custom made Exhaust will surely fail in SGP, well i can say that they do check for operation of the catalyser emissions/decibel unless you know the ways of the dark side. Therse are the requirements to at least give you 50/50 chance to pass : 1) Approval of a street legal cert from a vendor is a must..(without it NPNT) 2) If your exhaust looks like a stock, but the decibel ratings / emissions is way off (Also NPNT) it will definitely fail. They will ask you t
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