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  1. Glad to hear that u are ok.........just go and claim....... How about an Air-tex Airbag Jacket? FF u can try HJC, still got promo i think
  2. many of the PK i know swears by it....me....still old sch DIY spray myself
  3. bro this one i would recommend u go to Planet instead. Same reasons why i told u last time.
  4. cannot leh...i working on that day leh
  5. wah bro!!!! the time u change tyre was quite a long time ago! but den, since that time, i also never wash my bike hahaha!!
  6. yea....been pretty busy lately with sch, business and work.. my bike also so long never wash and start to rust liao.
  7. how was the game and boleh land?
  8. your EO plays a part too. For my bike, when it is time to change EO, gear shifting is pretty rough and does get "Stuck" at neutral when shifting from gear 1 to 2 at times.
  9. Strictly for TA200 riders reviews only http://www.cbxmanmotorcycles.com/Aftermarket-Motorcycle-Products/Chemicals-Lubricants/4-Stroke-Motor-Oil/Bel-Ray-96262-Thumper-20W50-4-Stroke-Racing-Motor-Oil-1-Liter-Bottle.jpg Belray thumper 20w50(Unique motorsports/hkl) $18 Hydher - After 1000k,gear shifting was slick 4.5/5 http://www.castrol.com/liveassets/bp_internet/castrol/castrol_malaysia/STAGING/local_assets/images/products/mco_power14t_malaysia_375x253.jpg Castrol Power 1 15w40 (Thailand) 100 baht / S$4.26 VidaK - Gear changing is a little stiff, engine sounds rough and top speed is much lower than before 2/5 jianping - worst EO on my bike, engine feels less powerful,noisy and rough.. need to throttle alot more to attain 90km/hr on expressway.. avoid this.. i bought at $12.. 1/5 http://lh6.ggpht.com/_IHSFI5DXqm4/ShF8-VdH1fI/AAAAAAAADmQ/rMjBbBzoXdw/s512/DSC00359.JPG Chessa Chex 9000 10w50 (planet) $16 VidaK - No gear changing problems, or other problems. Although there is more vibration then quality oils, it is good value for your money 4/5 jtzx- Great fully syn Eo. which is value for money which can last at least 2.5k millege 5/5 armani123sg- gd, no problems but didnt feel any diff comparing to FUCHS brand. FUCHS [Which series?]15w50 (planet) $10 Hydher - I hated it after 1k, gear changing was rough as hell and stuck at neutrals 2/5 armani123sg- gd, no problems but didnt feel any diff comparing to CHEX brand. icearmour- gear changing was very hard..too much vibration as well..changed after 500km...1/5 http://www.cbxmanmotorcycles.com/Aftermarket-Motorcycle-Products/Chemicals-Lubricants/4-Stroke-Motor-Oil/Maxima-32901-Maxum4-Extra-100-Synthetic-4-Stroke-Motor-Oil-15W50-1-Liter-Bottle.jpg Maxima 15w50 extra (planet) $21 VidaK - no problems with the bike, but compared to the chex, this oil lost outright since its much more expensive... 3/5 icearmour - no problems, speed, smoothness, vibration etc all are at decent levels...but not the best in anything so 4/5 http://www.cbxmanmotorcycles.com/Aftermarket-Motorcycle-Products/Chemicals-Lubricants/4-Stroke-Motor-Oil/Maxima-35901B-Maxum4-Synthetic-Blend-4-Stroke-Motor-Oil-20W50-1-Liter-Bottle.jpg Maxima 20w50 synblend (planet) $15 Hydher - Was used for long distance travelling. Was soso. 4/5 nuttybing - can feel the roughness in changing gears after around 1300km, so so only 3/5 http://www.cbxmanmotorcycles.com/Aftermarket-Motorcycle-Products/Chemicals-Lubricants/4-Stroke-Motor-Oil/Maxima-36901-Maxum4-Ultra-100-Synthetic-High-RPM-Formula-4-Stroke-Racing-Motor-Oil-5W50-1-Liter-Bottle.jpg Maxima 5w50 ultra (planet) $23 VidaK - No doubt it is a good oil, but it is a little expensive 3.5/5 http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff37/hydher/bike/IMG_0237.jpg Mobil 20w50 $7 Pending reviews http://www.motul.com.sg/product_line_up/4stroke/images/product_images/300V_4T_FACTORYLINE_15W50.jpg Motul 300v 15w50 (planet) $28 VidaK - The smoothest is unreal. In fact top speed increased. 4.5/5 ckoonyin - very smooth; last me until 1000km before it started to get rough 4/5 ckoonyin - 2nd time using it again, damn smooth, gear changes are very positive. engine vibration is noticably muted compared to Motul 7100 icearmour- overall smoothness increased nicely:thumb:vibration still there but slightly lesser....4/5 http://www.motul.com.sg/product_line_up/4stroke/images/product_images/5100_4T_15W50_1L_A.jpg Motul 5100 15w50 (semi) nuttybing - Gear changing is really smooth, can feel the power along with the throttle, around 2000km can feel it deteriorating 4/5 ckoonyin - roughness was similar before i did EO change from Motul 300 3/5 http://www.motorcycle-road-and-race.co.uk/catalog/images/7100-full-synthetic-ester-motul-4l.jpg Motul 7100 10w40 100% Syn Ester $22 lycan - still trying it out. feels smoother than Motul 5100. ckoonyin - not much diff between Motul 5100 NASA [Which series?]10w40 (planet) $10 Hydher - Not bad in all rounders even price. 4/5. jtzx - pick up quite bad but over all good.. 3.5/5 armani123sg- acceleration faster, nicer sound, better than the FUCHS and CHEX but my FC decrease from usually 40km/hr on FUCHS/CHEX to 37km/hr on NASA... http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff37/hydher/bike/IMG_9969.jpg Putoline SUPER DX 4 SEMI SYN $8 LAB Rating 2.5/5. Useable for 2k and you get what you pay for. http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff37/hydher/bike/IMG_0242.jpg Total 15w50 $8.90 jtzx - Bought this at carefour for only $5.90 for my DIy oiler. http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd246/tosco1122/HR50white.jpg Verity 15w50 fully synthetic (planet) $26 VidaK - It is very good, but not the best. Quite expensive also... 3.5/5 Amsoil 10w40(25$) icearmour- gear changing is the smoothess among all..less vibration and as good as motul 300v..top speed not so great so 4/5
  10. I thnk I'll leave it to him to add if he chooses too. Else add liao, den never turn up, not so gd to sabo him like that.
  11. Same here. I think I'm the one that is most out of shape. Only played like 15 mins, ache until ytd. Jialat. Haha! Oh ya, met a new PK today at UM called theChosenx, I think, jioed him to come along this Friday.
  12. for me 1 L every 2000km....but now i think i am running close to 2.5k liao no time to change EO
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