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  1. Anyone interested? I got bike serviced oil change, oil filter and clutch plate change and came back from china and this baby's battery is out. Needs battery replacement. I can let go this bike at $6000. Mind you the clutch plate and oil change, oil filter already cost me S$200 plus. Anyone wants to buy it? i will throw in a new battery if there is a buyer if not i dont want to buy a battery and end up not riding the bike.
  2. hi


    how much for your madass 125. When does COE end?


    sms to 94508496

  3. hi


    keen to trade with yamaha sr125 4 stroke bike Fk plate COe31/03/2013?

    I can top you up about $2500/-


    My bike sips petrol i do about 39-43km per litre and sometimes more.


    sms 94508496

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