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  1. Looking to join MT09 tracer whatsapp group ~ anyone can add me in ?
  2. Hi . interested to join mt09 group chat. buying soon but want afew recommendation from all of you. Add me @ 91547336 . Cheers

  3. Up for the post with picture uploaded
  4. Selling my 5years old R125 bike here.. Refer to this thread ---> http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/427234-WTS-Daelim-R125-Red
  5. up for the post and my bike !
  6. Will update by this 2 days
  7. Selling of my class 2B bike away due to oversea study ! ( just receive acceptance letter,cannot upgrade anymore). Registered on Nov-2009, COE end @ 2019 Nov Perfect for beginner rider ! or first time rider, a very stable, biggest and reasonably fast bike you can get in the market currently ! Top speed ? 130+km/h cfm no problem. Safety wise ? able to fix a good set class 2A tyre without a problem ! Mileage - 41000+ km ( transport thru and flo to school only ) Serve me well for the past 5years. Perfect bike for beginner. Biggest class 2B you can find. Fuel Consumption 30+Km/Liter with pillion ! Engine Condition : 9/10 (Just done top overhaul and replace clutch plate cost about 1k, which last you for the next 5year, which is end of COE, which is no need major repair anymore !) Cosmetic condition : 6/10 ( side fairing crack because bang by a car in carpark but no drop , fading paint due to sun exposure ) 0 accident before. Bike mostly stock but equipped with -RK gold chain -KNN filter -Metzeler M5 120 front 150 rear -Rear Box Bike with rear box - 3.9K (revised)highly nego Imagine current COE almost 7k, a new 2B bike could cost you more than 11k and yet i selling for 3.9k with 5years COE left, 1/3 of 11k for 5years of COE.. WHY NOT ?! hesitate no more !!! Interested parties can Text or whatsapp me @ 91547336. Prefer full cash ! View at AMK on weekday, Yishun weekday & weekend after 9pm Hope to let go for fast and at a good price for sincere buyer
  8. today on the way to sch on mrt ( bike break down) on lentor ave, saw 3 people that looks like law enforcer or something stop vehicles at lane 1 from yishun to amk.. they park their bike by road side which their bike color is yellow.. anyone know who are they ? what they do ?
  9. Hi everyone i got a question .. i recently found out that i been riding abit slant to the right while riding straight on the expressway and the i found the problem causing this is the rear tyre wear out offcenter to the right, so the right side is smooth.. but the left side quite sharp.. any idea what i can do to to the tyre to make it even ? Thanks everyone.
  10. Call CKA @ kaki bukit and they will gladly to ans your question.. =)
  11. Thumbs up for u =D you are a good guy =DDD
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