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  1. Hey Andy, Big congrats mate! Will try to rush my mechanic to get my bike ready, not sure how long more. That said, Gong Xi Gong Xi! Chris 350f (red silver)
  2. alamak. I can only make it on the 19th. lemme know if you guys are changing the dates. I've not ridden for a loooooong while.
  3. very near mustafa centre. can ask around once you're there. eversuccess is at 137 syed alwi road dude.

  4. hi bro, i so blur. can't seem to figure out where exactly chia heng is. u mentioned opp eversuccess...any prominent bldg or shop? thanks

  5. They're around Syed Alwi Road, near Mustafa. Diagonally opposite Eversuccess.
  6. not sure about the avon tyres. do they sell them here? looks good though. a mechanic ever mentioned that the single line thread tyres are nice to look at but not too good on grip. wonder if that's true. oh for the seat, i vote for number 3. most cafes have humpback so will be nice to see a cafe with that Laverda look. Number 2 is nice too though i think back padding can reduce a bit la. just my opinion. let us know when you'll be fitting it in! anyone feel like late night riding?
  7. Nice. Reckon these are the Firestone ones. lLoks awesome without fenders. Old skool bobber look. Thanks.
  8. Any brand I guess, just those single lined ones. No jagged grooves. Think the boys has given me some references. Feel free to add on if anyone knows of others. Bet I'm not the only one asking. Interesting. Never thought of it. Can try.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by mainoot View Post Thanks for the speedy reply. Appreciate it. Will get him to ask around. Easier now with Brand and name of model. Hi chris, ur friend sold his 550? Yea, but another mate who's also an vintage bike lover. how are the kids man? full house now huh? : )
  10. Thanks for the speedy reply. Appreciate it. Will get him to ask around. Easier now with Brand and name of model.
  11. Hey fellas, Asking this on behalf of a mate. Looking for tyres with single line grooves. No jagged lines at all. Old school look. Size 3.25 or 3.5 for 19inch rims. Some of the British bikers here might be familiar with this tyre type. Do let me know if anyone has any idea. Thank you in advance.
  12. for those who can make it, do drop by. esp the daddy riders, can exchange parenting tips : ) let's do the usual kfc kallang 1030 shall we? maybe take a ride out to siglap for some supper.
  13. Let's go for a short ride this fri fellas. Been a while. Even a short session will be good for all. Healthy : )
  14. 88888888888888888!!!! WISHING ONE AND ALL A FOXY OXY YEAR AHEAD!!!
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