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  1. Anyone interested? Selling a pair of brand new, never mounted before, Biltwell Clubman bars in black, non-dimpled, for $150 http://www.biltwellinc.com/index.php...ct_detail&p=49 interested parties pls text me @ 97104659
  2. anyone has handlebar top clamp for sale? just the top clamp...black or chrome doesnt matter...text me @ 97104659 if u have one for sale
  3. anyone knows if i can use HEL braided brake lines for harleys?
  4. Does anyone know if HEL steel braided brake cables or any other aftermarket steel braided cables can fit on the stock lever and caliper of a 09 sportster?
  5. selling a pair of new HD goggles... http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/300365-WTS-NEW-genuine-Harley-Davidson-collapsible-goggles?p=6656313#post6656313
  6. I have a question on renewal of insurance. I bought a brand new harley last yr july with hire purchase from May Bank. 1st yr insurance was comprehensive 1st party. My insurance is due for renewal next month and i was told that i cannot downgrade my insurance to 2nd party as long as im still on hire purchase. Has anyone here encounter this situation before? Anyways to go about doin this? =(
  7. If ur paint is matte finish, then it wont stick....only works for gloss painted fenders..
  8. Sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. selling Vance & Hines staggered shortshots black for $500 http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=278145
  10. oh depends on that schedule...mine took bout half a day..haha
  11. yo yohji...u dont have to pay anything...i just went for mine last month...i got black 5.5inch risers for sale if ya want to use a straight drag bar in the future...=P
  12. more details on the handlebar event? kopi in SK sounds good to me...im in hougang..
  13. anyone knows where i can get amber light bulbs for harley signal indicators?
  14. sure man...weekends r fine...just me know wad time u can make it...
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