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  1. what message Dont Haave any message also?

  2. what Message?

  3. anybody thinking of selling their gsr400? serious buyer here.. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/images/smilies/smile.png Julian, 82004245. Intrested Buyers or newly Riders 2007 GSR600 for sell [email protected] $8,600 new tyres Mileage @47KM reply if Interested Bone-Eticz ...Spread the word out.. - Note to all it's not Mine...i'm filling out for a Member here...
  4. Suzuki GSR Message: Good morning GSReans,guess wat!!! TODAY is ladies nite at new popeye outlet near punggol rivieria lrt @ 730pm sharp...no ''malay promises'' please...if heavy rain will auto cancel.coordinates As Follow: . 1.393066, 103.915644 Route 1 TPE exit 9 Punggol Rd Stright First junction Right turn to Punggol Central Rd Right turun to Punggol East pass Riviera LRT See "PRINZ" Filter Left To Tebing Lane Route 2 TPE Exit 9 Punggol RD Turn Right Punggol Filed Pass Cove LRT Pass Meridian LRT Pass Coral Edge LRT Filter Left, Turn Right to Tebing Lane
  5. ..::: Escort Party :::.. 1) Lexanez (Allex) 2) Longan9 (Logan NG) 3) Dinie - for bro Naz i will try my best, but CANNOT confirm pending work schedule. After this December i'll be posted to a new outlet. So no more perm Sunday off. 4) Testamant... (All the Best Bro!!!) 5) PiE (fhai, Nur, & litle hero) 6) Flareon1986 7) Warrior83 8) EJ (Will come after work) 9) Firery (Woohoo 2nd Wedding Convoy) 10) Stealth Rider 1 11) Stealth Rider 2 12) Stealth Rider 3 13) Stealth Rider 4 14) Stealth Rider 5 15) Stealth Rider 6 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) AhGui (NO matter what, must turn up fo
  6. thanks bone for the session today

    hope im welcome to join u for e nxt session

    btw u took out the rubber below e air filter also? got notice any difference

    mine started to vibrate even more

    hope its not because i forgot to screw tight! lol

    whats is lin's nick

    wanna ask her if she noticed anything

  7. Hey bro, Sorry i didn't know u gotta click on ya own profile just to rear vsitor messages....Feywee..i just discover this..heheheh... anyhoo...How do i get hold of the blueprints? webby ? i tought bout it tho, i want to project it but need the details & budget + a place to do all the mech stuff...estimate 2 whole months to do such a things & can be pricey...don't u thinkl mate...

  8. beb...i went thru the blueprints of GSR 400 and 600.. sorry ah, at that time i confused u all with GSR600 and GSXR600...correction made is that the only thing u need to change (confirm) is the 4 pistons and cyllinder block and top block head. for every piston, consist of 2 inlet valve and 2 outlet valve, if u change the pistons, dont know whether will it affect the valves positions. but i doubt so la..

  9. bro project 600cc how ? on or off? i need the 400cc + 600cc blue prints....

  10. bro...project 600cc ? how? on or off i need both the 400cc + 600cc blue-prints...

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