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  1. Going on any trips Tom? I wanna join u leh. Sms me if u going anywhere. My hp is 96661405. Thanks bro.

  2. i am going to kula rompin , keluang and endau rompin

    one nday trip

    folllow ?


    email [email protected]


    i going end ocotber

  3. do i know you?

    why are you asking about me?

  4. hello sir,


    just email me [email protected]

    i seldom come here

    kluang and melaka

    i no problem

    just follow me


    i follow u

    u fix the date and time

    go there and makan makan makan lor


    don't reply here since i may not even bother to read

    or sms me


  5. Bro , i sellin my MOD TW, call me at 83337947 if u still interested !

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