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  1. $55 best price bro for ipod shuffle! SMS/Whatsapp me if interested! 91880929

  2. beest price? bleh murah lagi tk?

  3. hi i want to get a ducati monster anybody interested in selling..??
  4. where to get ah i want to get 1 ah....
  5. hey i am interested in ur digivice. message me at 82310347 to discuss

  6. bro god of war $30 posssible.

  7. bro, how much for your curly hair ah?

  8. fish booy... i ask u one question can?....jackson vehical...spary ur bike rite...how much dey charge..n do dey hav lambo green...i want to do the same paintwork but diff color..thanks

  9. Don.

    full metal alchemist the broken angel

    digimon world data squad

    digimon rumble 2 arena

    guitar hero world tour

    monster rancher 4

    naruto 2


    intrested in tis titles...got discount not brother?

  10. rim excel berape nk jual?

  11. Don.

    haha. sorry later reply.. x1r alrite ahh..easy to maintain..good transport bike..easy to handle too. fc also good. only thing is the acc. not dat many..mayb coz new bike..

  12. asha

    hey, uve bought e x1r already? how was it? coz im intending to buy that too..

  13. jus go apply mc rider dey looking for riders...i noe coz i working as one.

  14. if u willing to wait.. i sell it to u. changing mine soon but my renew passport first haah.

  15. hello i wan to buy the nsr can i have yr no plz sms mi at 97893962

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