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  1. bro, I want buy your both lever, how can I contact u? or can u wattapps me 81984354

  2. Bro, can whatapps or pm me ur last offer price,serious buyer here,81984354

  3. Bro, u interest the right hand side mirror for kr150,I take left hand side,can u contact the seller?My contact is 81984354 u can whatapps me thanks.

  4. Bro, can contact me 81984354, I'm interest the rear huger

  5. Can msg me at 81984354 regarding Nokia 86

  6. Bro, the lever u take clutch side then I take brake side..from that guy ,do contact at 81984354

  7. The end can is what model?can send me pa pic 81984354

  8. Intrest ur camera,msg me 81984354

  9. Hi hi Yoz wats Up

  10. yes ,i hav 1 pair stock mirror,msg me at 81984354

  11. bro,regarding ur amulet ,can u msg me 81984354...i hav discuss with u,thanks

  12. i'm intrest ur kitchen stuf,msg more detail pls..

  13. Sory bro.. I am not selling my omega right now as it is still new.. Perhaps some other time..

  14. hi,i'm intrest ur laptop,can message me a price to me.....81984354

  15. hi,i'm intrest ur laptop ,but can u email some pic to me [email protected] or mms 81984354,thanks

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