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  1. That one depend on ur best price u can give..

  2. offer? sms me at 93823738

  3. Hi, how much is your headlight and your tail?

  4. Bro, if i take krr stock airbox, headlight and seats, how much?

  5. can quote me how much is it for you to change my speedo's light to leds? thanks.

  6. hei. anyway. mind helping me in changing speedo to leds? dont mind going your place to do it. quite near to my house anyway.

  7. Sad to hear this, but do let me know if there's any visit or whatsoever, i'll make a trip down. haha nv see meh? i saw at hassan shop lol Lets go visit him together man
  8. hahah seen that bike at AGL before, fierce valarie : shocking news.
  9. Welcome to the family yeah more to learn from you bro! do guide me along when my airbrush kit comes! valarie : bro add me in, not confirmed yet tho, let you know again!
  10. Well said. I agree Will have to check my dates and all then confirm, can't confirm as of now
  11. hahah you go post up, later let him see he sure scold u ah hai. bro i check schedule again let you know ah hai i jus woke up but going back slp damn tired, go eat dinner and slp again "the bike save lifes" lol.. no problem la small thing
  12. wow idea again bro! meet up soon man miss ya! as always valarie hahahaha! same like last time u throw the person's bike key on the floor
  13. doubt so. selling as a whole what additional gadgets you mean? okok la, not hard just troublesome lol lol later make spoil gg. rvf leh. :cheeky: lol i ordered my airbrush eq already bro! no need buy so ex one la. the one i bought already good enough, seriously. i think ur one is for those expert one lol.. wah hot, nice. wonder how much he wan to let go. no contact no. leh. my friend's bike is black and "chrome" ma.
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