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  1. Hey dude, I ride an NX4 too, but my fuel consumption not anywhere near 23 km per litre.

    Think the last owner changed the carburator jetting.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to get the specifications for the original jetting size. Would you by any chance, know the main-jet size.


    Thanks dude.

  2. Thanks for invite, but I will be attending a meet-up and Hari Raya feast hosted by JM Bikers.

    Catch up with you another time. :thumb:

  3. This Friday am organising a night ride, within Singapore (Local Ride), starts at 9pm, can read the 2b bike trips thread or 9th October Night Ride Thread for details :)


    Hope you can join

  4. Hey, GTR here.

    If you wanna view the 4th Gen VFR, just give me a call at 9800-5600.


    Cheers. Edmund

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