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  1. crazytown


    Almost 40K KM on my 2014 MT from new. Used 2 x places for service and works on the bike:- -Hong Leong - Service - 6746 0415 -HKL Lim Motorsports at Bukit Merah - James 6275 6656
  2. Prices for bikes like yours are increasing every year in the UK, which has no intention of killing off all bikes made before 2003. My suggestion would be to keep hold of it for now. If you really want to sell it you could do worse than contact the below in the Uk and try to seek an owner there (export). https://www.lcclub.co.uk/about-lc-club/
  3. Ups for MT. I own same year and colour. Awesome bike.
  4. Bargain. Good luck with the sale. I used to own an STR (2009), had to sell it due to moving overseas - now riding MT-09.
  5. It is certainly something to consider raising the price of a second hand bike now it is going to put so much on top of the price of a new bike. I was considering going for a new MT-10 at some point, now will stay with my MT-09. No interest in paying tax for the sake of paying tax. Below taken from LTA website. Example: The ARF payable for a motorcycle/ scooter with an OMV of S$12,000 will be calculated as follows: Vehicle OMV (S$12,000) ARF Rate ARF Payable First S$5,000 15% 15% x S$5,000 = S$750 Next S$5,000 50% 50% x S$5,000 = S$2,500 Above S$10,000 1
  6. i have a RnG tail tidy for Street Triple for sale. u interested ?? its only a week old.

  7. Is that a Street Triple in your Avatar Andy?

  8. Andy....You sent me a message but didn't give any message title. So I can't open your post. Do you want to re-send it?

  9. The only condensation I get is in my head. Must be the beer. Off to Mah today, my bikes fan has stopped working.
  10. I forgot to mention. When I had the hoses off I flushed the radiator, tank and engine internals out. There was a surprising amount of dark water in there.
  11. Hi FF I recently changed the coolant of my bike as it had been in there for about 15 months. The fan was coming on regularly whilst waiting at traffic lights. The murky stuff that came out was not a nice sight when I checked, cracking a hose off. So I discconnected a couple of hoses and drained the the rad, engine and header tank of it. I used a coolant (antifreeze) mix in 500ml bottles (premixed) from a car accessory shop, bled the system and now the fan doesn't come on at the lights, unless I've been riding like a tw*t in traffic. The motor certainly runs a lot cooler now. The anti-
  12. Guess Chris and Jan haven't got round to it yet, or it's a secret. I did get an e mail from one of the girls who worked there ( Jennifer ), telling groups of recipients that the bar would re-open, but I've deleted her address.
  13. Hey guys. Has the Handlebar reopened up near Sembawang Park yet? Miss the place now its not there on Lock Road. Please reply.......cheers
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